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How to add a picture/attachment to your post (forum)

 * Maximum size per picture: 1.5 Mb

* Maximum dimensions: 1920 x 1600 (pixels)

Click on 'upload attachment' :



* Click on 'Browse'

* Look for the picture you want to upload

* Click on 'Add the file'


Select the place in the post where you want the picture to appear and click on 'Place inline":



Big pictures (bigger than 1024 x 768 (and smaller than 1920 x 1600 maximum) are automatically resized for display. If you want to resize your picture and save some disk size look here: How to resize


And another Saddlebagrail article

Harley engine balancing…. Reverse engineering and the balancing process,….how I do it.


Article by Saddlebagrail added

Finally a cure for the Panhead leaking transmission



If you want to show your project (like PanPal's Why did this 58 FL get parked?, share tips and tricks (like awander's Fixing the "Instant Reserve" Fuel Valve, show your roadtrip or anything else, you can create a blog. A blog can have one or more posts that belong to a category (personal blogs, tips & tricks, on the road). 












Create a blog

To create a blog just click on 'Dashboard' in the Blogmenu. If you are not already logged in a login form will appear. After logging in fill in a title and description (optional). Choose an avatar if you like. Click on 'Update' and you're ready to post.














To create a post just click on 'Dashboard' in the Blogmenu. If you are not already logged in a login form will appear.

After logging in fill enter a title and description. It's possible to add pictures (use 'Add media'). Do not forget to select the catgegory you want to publish in. There are several other options you can choose from. If you are ready click on 'Publish'. 
















You can only make comments if you are logged in. To make a comment just click on 'comments'. If you are not logged in a login form will appear and you need to log in. After logging in you can make a comment.



The forum and the blogs are different programs, but all login names and passwords will be copied from the forum, so your login name/password is the same as your forum login/password. If you change your password you must change them both on the forum and the blog site.

If your login/password does not work it's possible that they aren't created yet. Let me know and I'll solve it.


More categories

If you'd like to have another category, let me know.



In the 'Pofile' option you can enter your profile details.


Questions? Just ask.

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