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Major lifter changes. Panhead: Lifters relocated from top of pushrods to the top of the tappets, below the pushrod and closer to the oil pump for more constant oil pressure. The lifters feature a checkball assembly in a cylinder, and a hole in the flat side helping to pick oil from the tappet block, then feeding the lifter. Cast iron tappet blocks feature an oil passage from the case to the tappet. Pushrods designed w/ball end at top, pressed in fitting threaded for a screw-in adjuster. Crankcase features tappet block oil feed passages.
The FLE 74ci "Traffic Combination" motor is introduced for slow speed and escort work, lower end cams and smaller carbs. 4 ribbed gear case cover. Pinion shaft has 24 rollers instead of 12. The speedo gets a coloration change, the combination of which is only used this year, (also the only change on the servicar).

Flathead, Servi-Car, 45", 3 speed and reverse
G, tow bar
GA, without tow bar
Panhead, 74", 4 speed, $1,000
FL Sport Solo
FLF Sport Solo, foot-shift
FLE Solo, Traffic Combination
FLEF Solo, Traffic Combination, foot-shift

Sidecar and Chassis:
· LE - right hand sidecar
· M - Package Truck w/cover
· MC - chassis for M

Colors for 1953
Brilliant Black
Pepper Red
Glacier Blue
Forest Green
Police Silver
Cavalier Brown
Glamour Green
White, cavalier brown, glamour green at extra cost. Motor maids option = Cadillac gray tanks & azure blue fenders.
Options: Deluxe Solo, Standard Solo, Utility Solo, Standard Police, Standard servicar, Deluxe servicar, Deluxe sidecar.
the Flathead Register for 1953:
the Panhead Register for 1953:
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