1973 Servicar, "End of an Era"

1973 Servicar, "End of an Era"
"End of an Era" Last of the 45" Servi-Cars. This is the 27th made out of only 425 in the final year. Servis were produced since 1932. Mine was originally issued to Atlanta Ga. Police Dept, for traffic duty. A Police Special w/Left throttle & right shift, all documented by HD in Milwaukee. Only year to come stock with disc brake & auto-style parking brake. This picture is a "Before" I rebuilt the entire drivetrain, & added a little extra. Its a blast to ride & is also great for ...
Servi Police Special
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1973 Servicar, "End of an Era"

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Has the front disc and rear wheels been changed to original?
Great looking Servi

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