Late model serial numbers

Late Model Serial Numbers

Identifaction of VIN, case numbers and cylinder heads
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Late model serial numbers


Post by panzerama » Sat Apr 16, 2005 1:49 pm

This question is probably for Billy, his '73 GE may have the same type of number. Here's the question:
We have a '71 GE with "serial number" 5A23215H1. There is no number stamped on the usual engine number boss on the left side of the engine, the number above is stamped on the right side of the engine at the base of the rear cylinder. I always assumed that this was a surplus or crate motor that was put on the servi-car by the police department. The title for the bike, which dates back to 1986, carries the same number. I am now pretty sure that this is the original 45 flathead that came with the bike in '71 and that AMF was using a different numbering system.
Anybody ever seen a number like this before?

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Re: Late model serial numbers


Post by Billy » Sat Apr 16, 2005 4:41 pm

In 1970 HD started using a 'new # system' & switched sides for the Vin's (where you mentioned) & began adding VIN's to the frame (right side) of the neck.
All Hd's=Big twin/sporty & Servi-Cars...
Correct motor & frame will have the same VIN's
5A= GE/E.Start 45" Servi-Car
23215=production sequence code
H1= Harley 1971
in 1971 there were only 500 Servi's made....

You can trace this VIN's history thru HD in Milwaukee
It's FREE, Call information for their phone # & just follow the prompts.
Mine is the 27th made out of 425 (total) Last year...
Originally sent to Atlanta Ga. Police Dept (Traffic Duty..)

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Re: Late model serial numbers


Post by FlatHeadSix » Sat Apr 16, 2005 5:07 pm

Thanks Billy, all the numbers match and that is the original engine. After a year of scrounging parts, painting, assembly, etc., the old servi got out in the sunlight last weekend and won the "Best Trike" trophy at a local show.
thanks for the info, I knew you'ld have the answer!

Panzerama and 71 Servi Babe

By the way, the guy on the bike is NOT 71 Servi Babe, he's the son of the guy that did the trick graphics and paint on the bike, the old guy behind him is me, Panzerama.

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Re: Late model serial numbers


Post by Billy » Sun Apr 17, 2005 6:31 am

Glad to Help.. ;D
Wow! You got that "Servi Babe" All Dressed up..
That's a Wild Paint job!! Beautiful graphics!! Very Cool..
Congrats on the "Best Trike Trophy" Always rewarding
getting some recognition for your hard work...Nice job.
Why don't ya put a pic in the 'Picture Gallery' Then there will be ( 2 ) 45 Servi's. Yours & mine.. (that I know of)

I shot mine "Police White" & added a bit of flake into the clear coats.. I'm into "Stock Looking" Police Specials, as I spent a bit of my wild youth avoiding the
cops!! Now I ride a Cop Trike.. ;D Ha Ha!!
I need to "update My Servi Picture" She don't look the same as the old pic..
Mine is a "LEFT throttle, which is a blast ..

PS: I added Stainless 16" Trim Rings They look great w/the moons !!

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