Rear axle dimensions?

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Rear axle dimensions?


Post by Kuda » Wed Jan 30, 2008 3:49 pm

Question for the collective: I'm trying to straighten out the disaster that is the rear wheel assembly on my '49 FL chop. I'm currently running it the way it came, with a really basterdized star hub and factory spacers. With two very loose but frozen spoke nipples and run out in the range of a 1/2" or so, I picked up a new solid wheel that's going on for now. Problem is now the axle/bearing issue. I mic'd the axle I have now: starting from right ("bolt" side) to left ("nut side") it has a small, maybe 1/4" wide step that mics at .749, then drops to .682, then drops to .668 at about 1/2 way down the axle, then drops to .665 for the remainder of the axle. I can't find stock axle diameter information anywhere, so I don't know if mine is bastardized or not. I do know that I'm using a stock left mechanical brake drum sleeve which fits fine. I'm told that only two bearing ID sizes should fit with a mechanical drum: 5/8" and 3/4". Anybody got any info here? Thanks in advance...

'49 panchop

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