Wheel runout: what may be acceptable

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Wheel runout: what may be acceptable


Post by madcatter » Wed Apr 06, 2005 4:21 am

i have a steel 5 spoke wheel,with new bearings in i get .090 inch with the dial indicator while on the side and .128 inch on the top.i guess this means its junk.does anyone know what may be acceptable?


Re: Wheel runout


Post by gordon » Thu Apr 14, 2005 5:46 am

Hey Madcatter1 I just trued up a wheel on a friends springer that was way out of true .250 on the hop and almost as much on the wobble and I asked him how it was handling on the fwy etc. being this far out of true and he told me it was handling just fine. He said that he noticed how far out of true it was when he had it on the lift and was spinning the wheel by hand to polish it. I was very surprised to hear that ! One would think a wheel this far out of true would pogo like crazy especially on a springer.
The book calls for no more than.031 on both hop and wobble I usually try to get them a little closer than that if i can. You might try balancing the wheel,running it and see how it handles. If it handles ok run it, If it handles like shit then scrap it. Hope this helps ya. Gordon

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