Tire bead breaker tip

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Tire bead breaker tip


Post by dj »

Just thought I'd like to pass this on:


Duh! Why didn't I think of that?

Post by sidecar

Looks easier than the way I do it !!!!
Thanx for posting the link...

Post by dremelts

That looks like a pretty easy method.
Here's another method that I improvised:

Post by dj

Hmmm....not bad, 57pan......
Whatever works!

Like an old man once told me......
"If you can't cut the mustard, you gotta lick the jar".

Post by 57stroker

I always try to pay someone to do it, but when I have had to, I used a hydraulic press. I've been told that in doing a roadside flat tire repair, you can drive a car over the tire to pop the bead.

Post by dj

I have actually ran a tire/wheel over with a car to break the bead, a long time ago.....but have since decided that I can't afford to risk damaging a wheel that way.
But....if there was no other way, with a repairable roadside flat.....I would do it again....carefully.

Post by duodave

Normally, you can break the bead just by standing on the sidewall off the tyre and pushing down with your heel. Stock Harley wheels have a safety lip inside the rim, so the tyre bead is gripped on both sides. I couldn't move mine. I layed the wheel on a board so as not to scratch the chrome and drove my 4x4 back wheel on to the bike tyre. It sat there for a few seconds then the bike tyre bead popped. After that it was easy to lever the tyre off. Maybe not something you would want to try every day, but it does work well.

Post by sidecar

I have "bead busted" quite a few tires using a car or pickup truck. Steel wheels only though.
I pay someone to do the aluminum/cast rims. Too costly to replace.

Post by vintagetwin

Hey!...leggo my leg....you're pulling me under!
I like the Neanderthalic methods pixed here. Baja-desperate. Excellent results distilled from the biker-mind. Nice work. The glue clamps and 2X4 tool should win an award, then hung in the Guggenheim. This is the finest M/C art ever beheld. It reeks of the Replicator's constant struggle, lit from this angle. Truly still-art. The first one with the two sticks and a car caught me by complete surprise. Either one deserves a page in Popular Mechanix.

Post by ckndnr

I dunno....a decent sized "C" clamp, or my Vise-Grip welding clamps always did pretty good for me. Whatever gets the job done!

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Re: Tire bead breaker tip


Post by Panacea »

When I was a kid my dad showed me how to break the bead useing a regular bumper jack, just set the wheel under the bumper where the jack hooks under the bumper, place the lip of the jack right along the bead and jack away! Mike


Re: Tire bead breaker tip


Post by VT »

Get a cast iron clam-shell bead breaker from J.C. Whitney. You need one and they work well on Panheads becasue there is a procedure where you want the clam lip on the exterior sidewall of the rim. # 06F3394Y
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Re: Tire bead breaker tip


Post by RUBONE »

A big bench vise works great for most wheels. I mostly use a vintage auto garage bead breaker (Model A vintage?) that is really easy and even works on my wife's sport bike wheels!

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