Can't get it started

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Can't get it started


Post by howie54 » Sun Jul 08, 2007 4:51 pm

here goes i have a 54 pan had it for 21 yrs i just had the heads completely redone everything new guides oversize valves new seats the works i did not rebore the cylinders they were don about 6 yrs ago when it was apart they looked great i have an su carb it is set right however i dont seem to be getting fuel to the plugs i can kick till i drop and the plugs are dry prior to the head rebuild it was very hard starting i have messed with the timing here is how i set it bring it up on compression stroke front cyl put timing mark in hole in the center timer cam is just opening points this pan is a 12 volt system and for the last 20 yrs i have always set the points at .022 always until i moved from ohio to s carolina and it was running like crap and i set them at .018 just to se what would happen and it did not run to bad so i started setting them at .018 i have spark in all the right places i will be making a tool to test the intake for leaks from what i have been reading in this forum my compression may be low ihave 60psi in both cyls this pan has never had compression readings as high as some of what i have read here and it has always ran great if im missing something please let me know im no expert by any means im sure im doing or missing something very simple please let me know thanks

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Re: Can't get it started


Post by Cotten » Sun Jul 08, 2007 7:53 pm

The first diagnostic to do is to pressuretest your intake manifold:" onclick=";return false;
If you do not even get a trace of bubbles forming, then you can go on to other concerns.

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Re: Can't get it started


Post by fourthgear » Mon Jul 09, 2007 9:23 am

I think 60 psi is kinda low for compression and may hinder starting. Are your lifters ( solid or hyd. ) adj. correctly ? They could effect your compression readings, do you check your compression with the throttle wide open ? Do the manifold leak check and go from there. I have adj. my points @ 18 before , it does effect your timing. You also might suspect your fuel, but being you think you are not getting any , well thats another thing. good luck and let us know what ya find.

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Re: Can't get it started


Post by 56panman » Mon Jul 09, 2007 4:16 pm

This year when changing points I also put the timing mark in the center of hole to set the points gap. The bike would not come close to starting. I found on mine that just as the timer mark was leaving the left side of hole was the sweet spot. Did you check that the timer lobe was at it highest point when setting the gap? It makes a BIG differance. -Steve

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