Hope to finish this year

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Hope to finish this year


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I started this project about 4 years ago. It is a 51 pan that was bobbed and butchered somewhere along the way. That would be the bottom picture.

I started out on the frame. I began by replacing all the cut off parts and then welding the frame back together on a jig I built. This took over a year of my spare time and was no easy task. It was a bear to put this back to stock including the fork lock. To say it is a stock frame may be a stretch since there is now very little original steel left, but what there is, is Harley.

The engine was actually in pretty good shape. I replaced the rings and cleaned it out. I had to fill and retap many holes but all is well now. The front 6 volt relay mount had been cut off so I fashioned a new one and welded it on. That was the hardest part of the engine rebuild. I have a lot of 6 volt parts, so I returned it to 6 volt. Unfortunately, my coil is from a WL, and I had to fashion a new bracket and attach it, but it all looks excellent now. The generator is completely rebuilt and like new. One of my 32E models.

Transmission wasn't too bad. Had to redo the the hand shift top and loosen everything up and clean it real good. The oil had hardened into some kind of gooey sludge that took weeks to clean out thoroughly, but all the gears are good and I replaced the seals. Seems to be working fine.

I trashed the rusty old sportster front end and completely rebuilt and laced the wheels and hubs. The brakes and front fender are Harley, the rear is a repop. The front took a couple of weeks of pounding on to get straight, and the brakes were completely rebuilt with new parts and shoes.

I finally sold the incorrect 5 gallon fat bobs and found the correct hand shift 3.5 gallon tanks. These are not painted yet as I still have to find a two light dash and complete the wiring.

The handlebars are two piece racing units from National Cycle. NOS from the 60's, and I have a great set of original NOS National cycle shotgun pipes for it.

Very little left to do now and I hope to have it on the road by this summer.

I used a lot of the tips on this site for building it and have thoroughly enjoyed this build.

Thanks for looking
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Re: Hope to finish this year


Post by john HD »

very nice!

keep us updated!

john :D

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Re: Hope to finish this year


Post by drinner-okc »

What you have shown so far looks very good. You had to go a bit farther on the frame than I will. Don't sacrifice quality for a deadline.
Did you shoot for an original shade of Red?
Keep the photos coming. looks Great!

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