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1947 frame for trade?

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1947 frame for trade?

Post #1 by panfreak » Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:22 pm

So I find out what I have is a 1947 frame, unfortunately no good for what I'm doing and should go to someone who wants an original last year knuckle frame. It has a great uncut neck and a lot of other plus's going for it HOWEVER it will need some work to restore. The gas tank mount is gone, the top and seat tube have been cut for pan motor, the very back of the axle plates have been cut and the rear motor mount needs welding. I've done some of these repairs before and if I was doing a knucklehead project, none of this would scare me away, but I'm being honest, it's far from PERFECT. I will exchange pictures with anyone interested in trading me for pan motor: lower end is fine as long as cases are good and no iffy numbers.

I might be out to lunch but I'd rather come up with a fair trade for something rather than flat out just sell the frame. PM me, let's talk.

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