Clean Belt?

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Clean Belt?


Post by Schwee »

In the middle of a tear down. My primary belt is just a little oily, but in good shape.
What's the best way to clean it? I think my normal parts cleaning method - soak in a pan of gasoline or other solvent - is not a Good Idea.

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Re: Clean Belt?


Post by james »

I would wash it with Dawn dishwashing detergent.


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Re: Clean Belt?


Post by UPSROD »

Speaking of Dawn , I have some Ultra Palmolive in my kitchen soap dispenser, it dripped over night and ate a pit in my stainless steel sink....strong stuff!

Robert Luland
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Re: Clean Belt?


Post by Robert Luland »

I run a chain and never have to go through this. Then again, I never have to call a flat bed ether and pray they have tie downs. Food for thought. Bob L

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Re: Clean Belt?


Post by RUBONE »

I run belts and never have an issue. Set up correctly they are fine. And modern ones don't care a bit about getting oil on them. I look at them about once a year...

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Re: Clean Belt?


Post by Cotten »


I appreciate your reply, as after a reminder that they wash oil-soaked seabirds with it, I think I can safely conserve vinyl and other "rubber" items with it.


I appreciate your reply, as I need to investigate slightly more aggressive cleaners for original nickel finishes,... more aggressive than boiling in baking soda solution, but still control-able.

And Bob!

We agree, of course!


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