problem with finding right belt

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problem with finding right belt


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Hello All, I seem to take tow steps forward and three back. I bought a used belt drive setup for my pan. The belt that it came with looks like it has never been used, but I have know idea how old it is. I thought I found a replacement in a gates 30884 X 1 1/2. The old belt is a good year 400 S11M 81-3. The belts are the same length the pitch is the same, number of teeth are the same. The difference is in the teeth. The original belt the are in the shape of a v with a little roundness at the top. The new belt the teeth are like half moons. HEEEEELP does any body know where I can get a replacement goodyear belt . 11mm 96teeth 42 1/2 length. If the belt was alittle longer that would be cool to the tranny is all the way forward and the belt is pretty tight. Thanks Bob



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Contact Primo. Replacement belt is a #1185. The site is hard to navigate since it does not have a "parts locator". Here's the direct page to the replacement belts ... _pg_77.pdf
Here's the address for their Pro-Clutch (PC-1000-A), that eliminates any plate to shell scraping. ... ctions.pdf

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