Tension / free play of primary beltdrive

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Tension / free play of primary beltdrive


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Howdy guys !

I am all new to this group, as I have just bougt a 49" Hydraglide for my wife. I hope to get some great info and help from you all.
I bought it from a friend , - but - as it is common - you have to go through everything yourself and make it properly. I thought he was ok at wrenching - now I know better !
Now my question is - how much freeplay should a primary beltdrive have ? I found a homepage saying 3/4" for a open drive, and 1" for a closed drive. Cold. At the moment I have about 30mm = 1 1/4" . What are your preferred slack/freeplay ?
I am not familiar with beltdrives at all, so I am looking forward to trying it out. My wife is also anxiously looking forward to trying the bike, as we made an agreement : she determined the colour, and for this, she has to try riding with the footclutch and handgear Smile - By the way, the bike is now pink, hehe !! I will throw some pictures on my page in the near future - pls feel free to visit my page and see some of my projects. I ride British Iron (BSA and Norton) but must say - It is very likely that a Panhead will line up beside my Brits in near future ! Smile

Best regards
Allan Kristiansen, Denmark

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Re: Tension / free play of primary beltdrive


Post by panhead »

Welcome Allan.

Here's a link to belt-drive play: viewtopic.php?f=63&t=759" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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Re: Tension / free play of primary beltdrive


Post by mbskeam »

I set mine to about 3/4" up and down cold, then I check it hot. that way you know the tension is correct


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Re: Tension / free play of primary beltdrive


Post by 56panman »

I set my 1.5" BDL enclosed belt drive at 1" sag up and down while stone cold. I can even slide the belt in and out some on the front spocket it's so loose. But after riding for about 30 minutes it tightens right up to 1/2" sag. No more trouble finding neutral and no more problems with clutch drag. Keep it loose cause it will tighten up very quickly once everything is at operating temp.-Steve

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