Belt talk

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Belt talk


Post by panfreak »

We've had lots of discussion on belt tension of late, and it seems most err on the side of possibly running tight. I'm wondering if anyone who has had one run LOOSE on them could relate this experience. Did you hear it slapping the primary cover? Has anyone actually had one spin on the teeth? Did it f**k the belt?
Just curious.


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Re: Belt talk


Post by caschnd1 »

I've run my SuperMax belt loose enough to slap the cover when it was cold. The SuperMax drive is setup looser then most if you follow the instructions. The slapping goes away within the first mile as things warm up and tighten. I didn't like the slapping so I tightened the belt just a tiny bit and it went away. Still have good amount of slack when fully warmed up. I've never had a belt skip any teeth. I'd have to imagine that would chew up a belt *really* fast. You'd also have to be waaaay too loose for that to happen.
If I'm going to error one way or another, I'd want to be just a little loose. Too tight will make your belt take a dump in short order. ALSO... too tight puts undesired loads on your motor sprocket shaft and the transmission input shaft.


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Re: Belt talk


Post by mtnspan »

Iv'e run em' too tight and probably too loose. Been lucky, I haven't broken one yet..........Too tight and it seems to me to effect clutch operation. About 3/4" play seems about right.

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Re: Belt talk


Post by Billy »

Too tight and it seems to me to effect clutch operation,
Sure does, as it pulls too much on the basket.
As the belt tightens more w/full heat.. Bad for bearings as well..

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Re: Belt talk


Post by dirtydistrict »

Hi guys, don't have so much time as I had before to jump on this very cool forum, but I thought about using one of the belt tensioner tool they use for "modern" Harleyson wheel trans. If the spring gives the correct load (10 lbs) it could works to check the tension for inner primary belt. I was told also to avoid 11 mm pitch as it supposed to break more easily than 8 mm...I dunno. I run a 8mm enclosed one on my Duo with a ram jett stuff and it's ok (until know). The advantage is that I only have the engine vibes, the best one, and no more chain shaking...but it's my personal feeling. A big hello to anyone I met before on the board, some of them are friends now. Salut et a bientot.

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