rear chain 58 fl swing arm

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rear chain 58 fl swing arm


Post by Billpan58 »

o ring chain... with rear tire elevated,when you spin wheel,chain has tight area,then becomes looser,,,any ideas...seems like chain should be same tenision as you rotate wheel.

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Re: rear chain 58 fl swing arm


Post by FlatHeadSix »

if you know the chain is good then you KNOW that one of the sprockets is not. The most likely suspect is the rear sprocket; worn, off center, or both.


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Re: rear chain 58 fl swing arm


Post by duoglide58 »

I think that is about normal. My chains have always had tight and loose spots on them. Even on bicycles including my sons John Deere pedal tractor :wink:

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Re: rear chain 58 fl swing arm


Post by cole »

chain tension is measured with bike on ground and sitting on it. should be about 3/4 inch to 1. roll her around a bit to make sure. If your going on atrip with your lady, she has to be sitting on her too. plus all luggage incl. hairdryer. Heh, heh, ride safe my friends. Ol' Poop cole

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Re: rear chain 58 fl swing arm


Post by Bigincher »

It's pretty common to have a tight and a loose spot on a chain. An old mechanic friend of mine explains that it's usually from a bent mainshaft.....
Be sure to set the slack at the tightest spot in the chain, with the bike on the ground and the passenger load similated. You can have someone sit on it....

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