Another Belt Drive Question

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Another Belt Drive Question


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I am working on a 61FLH a friend bought in Arkansas. It has a brand new Belt Drive System installed. I have not found any markings on the parts, so I am unsure of the make. The bike also has a 5-stud hub and modern material plates installed. First, the bike was so-far out of tune we could only get it to run in short spurts. When it did, it puked oul from the Primary.
I had the new owner put the Pan on his table lift and gave instructions to pull the left footboard and Primary Cover. When I got there, I found the belt drive. Problem #1 it was oil soaked. Problem #2 it was as tight as the top string on a guitar. We had not ran it long enough to try to put it in gear.
It was not vented into the Primary, and using a mirror I could not determine if the vent stud was open at all. So I pulled the Belt Drive, clutch hub, front pulley,and inner cover.
The vent was open and ran towards the Transmission mainshaft sprocket.
So the only other source for oil was the Sprocket Shaft. This Drive has the thin steel formed plates inside & out of the Pulley (as a belt guide?) Is there supposed to be a spacer or shims between the (24029-55) Sprocket Shaft Spacer & the Pulley (sprocket)?
My 49-57 Parts book (the only one @ home) does not show anthing (although the Main Bearing assembly and Compensating Sprocket are in different sections)
I feel the oil was coming thru the splines exposed between the spacer & pulley when installed.
If there are shims, do I install several & take them out one at a time until the clutch shell & outer edge of the pulley straightedge?
I had a belt drive on a Shovel set-up, and had to machine the spacer down to align the pulleys, but an oil leak was never the issue.

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