Source for alternative motor sprockets for belt drive?

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Source for alternative motor sprockets for belt drive?


Post by drinner-okc » Fri Jul 06, 2007 5:03 am

What happened to "Pan-Modified"? That's where this question belongs.
Here is my problem, working on 74" low compression pan. (See "Johnny Cash Pan" in gallery, posted in June. Has a Primo 1-1/2" 11M primary.
coupled to 4-speed hand shift transmission. Tedds book & Rivera website
only show one size motor sprocket (31) & one size clutch shell sprocket (47) available. Has anyone found another source for sprockets? Book
said belts are Gates. Local Industrial Power Transmission shop said
1-1/2" is Motorcycle proprioritary. No listing of parts there.

It's like starting in 2nd gear each time, and I'm just re-learning the foot
clutch thing anyway, so I'm a hazard in traffic. I can change the final drive to a 23-51, but still only have a 3.37:1 total ratio.
Motor is built with AM gen/alt cases and has '65-69 sprocket shaft.

I bought this thing to ride back & forth to work & Poker runs, not long trips. But it's geared so tall, at 35mph it is still lugging in 3rd.

If I could drop 2 teeth (cogs) on the motor sprocket, that would put me in
a stock FL-FLH drive ratio. combine my high gear with today's poor fuels
and I don't have an enjoyable machine (yet)


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Post by panhead » Fri Jul 06, 2007 6:56 am

What happened to "Pan-Modified"?
I combined it with the normal Panhead section as I saw no reason to make a distinction anymore.

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Post by King » Fri Jul 06, 2007 7:46 pm

Hi Drinner

The belt set-up you describe is about the only one I have encountered. When i had it installed in my bike it was about right. Maybe the problem is your tranny sprocket. They range from 20 tooth to 26 tooth. A 22 or 23 tooth, I believe, was stock so if you have a 25 or 26 tooth one, that could be the culprit.


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