Frame work for Flathead UL

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Frame work for Flathead UL


Post by gity55 »

I have a UL frame that needs straightened. It is not bent bad and has no kinks but I want it right. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks Gity55

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Re: Frame work for Flathead UL


Post by Jack_Hester »

Randy Simpson, of Milwaukee Iron, Lynchburg, Va. has a factory frame table. At least he did many moons ago. Most good shops never get rid of factory tools. He should be able to fix you up.


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Re: Frame work for Flathead UL


Post by Cotten »

With all due respect for Factory tooling,
The original Factory frame table I saw at Lakeshore HD was nothing but a chewed upon, weld-boogered, gouged and hammered, almost unidentifyable block of steel. There was nothing magical about the fixturing either.
In fact, please consider that jigging for constructing a frame has minimal use for straightening, as you must go past center to return to center.
A pic of such tables is in the Service Manual, where a tech is eyeballing a fork upon one. (Eyeballing is a prescribed technique!)
The fabled table's value is that of an immovable object. Eyebolts into concrete, or clamps onto a large I-beam, can work quite well!
Why would the Service Manual include frame information if it were beyond a 'field' repair?
Straightening a frame is low-tech: observation, patience, and a little creativity are the necessary resources,... along with clamps, turnbuckles, chains, oak blocks, jacks, large threaded rod & nuts, conduit for straightedges, etc., etc.,...and a 'porta-power' is nice.

Just stay away from heat.
Frames want to return to straight, and they have memory. Once you rig up the inspection bar and guide described in the Manual, the rest can be very rewarding!


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