one more for fuel tanks.

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one more for fuel tanks.


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first off, thanks for the advice from you fellas. so, do gas tanks need to be shimmed? ive got 54 tanks and a 54 frame thats straight but the tanks are a little off. is this normal? is there a method of shimming? also, thanks to the asses of the 60's my frame was cut at the top tank position and who ever welded the new piece on for got to compensate for the previous piece....which also makes it difficult to mount the dash. no, i am not going attempt to restore that piece cause im not building a restoration bike....just a blue collar money pit bike...


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Re: one more for fuel tanks.


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yes I use shims. my tanks are repops,the left tank filler is not in the right spot, to close to the dash, so I used a 5/16 nut that is used as a shim on the top mount.
when I fit them years ago, I bolted them up one mount point at a time and tweaked the upper and lower mounts till they all bolted tight but did not move the other 2 mounts with the bolts loose. on the top I bolted them up, used a torch and heated them till red, then let them cool this let them find there home, but that is just me, may not be the right way
but when the mount fit like crap ya gotta do what needs to be done.....
no cracks and almost 30,000 miles latter....


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Re: one more for fuel tanks.


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my tanks weren''t shimmed resulting in a leak just a few weeks ago.
Tig-welded the leak, mounted the tank with shims ( rubber/steel combi)
also used self-locking nuts so i do not need to tighten things to much.

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