Seat post spring

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Seat post spring


Post by 64DUOGLIDE »

I read somewhere (may have been another board) about a guy who sells/builds seat post springs for different weight riders? Anyone know? I am 330 (dont look a pound over 300!) and bottom out pretty easy! I know I can use the buddy seat aux springs but that just doesn't look cool!


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Post by duoglide58 »

You might also check your springs on the post to see if they are broken. I seem to recall that I had a broken spring or two.
The link shows the heavy duty springs and or posts available from V-twin. The heavy springs are listed for riders over 220#. I weighed about 265# back when I ran a Buddy Seat, and I don't recall bottoming out that much with me and the wife on there which would have been about 400# total. But then again I did not run the Buddy Seat too long since with my butt there was no room for a buddy on the seat.

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If you ever get a chance to see the Seattle Cossacks perform, don't miss it! They do all their stunts on a fleet of old Harleys, a mix of flatheads and OHV's, newest one is a '49, I think. Anyway, most of them have an external spring on the pogo-stick in addition to the stack of internal springs. They do all kinds of multiples, 3 up, pyramids, etc, on solo seats. The oldest guy on the team is also the largest, probably tips the scales at about your weight I would guess.

Look for an automotive valve spring with an ID that will fit over the pogo, it should do the trick and will not look as conspicuous as a set of buddy seat helpers.

ride on!


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Post by john HD »

someone said a pan exhaust spring will slip right over the post to act as a helper.

i have seen a few bikes with these...


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Post by panhead »

JW Boon ( and sells heavy duty springs.

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Post by Panacea »

64, Give Dave Croft a call, his seat post spring sets are guarenteed to make you happy. I spoke with him a while back. 440-322-0749 Mike

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Post by 64DUOGLIDE »

Thanks all...will explore all suggestions and report back...

Thanks Again

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