Throttle freeplay

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Throttle freeplay


Post by Johnno »

Hi guys hope someone can give me a simple idea on how to remove what I class as excessive free play in throttle, to go from powering on to backing off I have to rotate throttle about 10deg of free-play. Maybe I'm after too much precision, maybe too spoilt by late model HD's push/pull response but find it a pain when riding in a group and trying to maintain their constant speed. 49 Pan, M74B, original internal throttle cable setup. Thanks in advance Johnno

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Re: Throttle freeplay


Post by 58flh »

Johnno---I keep my freeplay about an 1/8-of a inch!--I dont like it tight!--I think its a personal preference!---But riding on a Rigid I Prefer a little play!---jmho----Respectfully---Richie

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Re: Throttle freeplay


Post by Cotten »


There is a set screw in the handlebar, usually under a switch cover, that retains the control coil "spool". If it is not properly engaged, the spool and coil will travel inside of the bar, requiring more throw of the grip (and wearing upon wires as well.)

If your M74B has the two-hole "tower", make certain that the cable block is in the hole closest to the throttleshaft axis.

Beyond that, we can only suspect a miss-match of hardware within the grip itself, causing slop between the plunger, the slot in the bar, and/or the grip spiral.

Let us know what you find,


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Re: Throttle freeplay


Post by 1951 adam »

If your dealing with aftermarket controls they are notorious for slop. You need to follow the instructions for setting the throttle plate and you should be able to get most of it out. All MUST BE PERFECT , to work as it should. Get that cable pulled tight when the plate is closed, and make sure it's greased. Make sure you get a full or close to full throttle plate opening.

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