How to remove odometer reset knob

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How to remove odometer reset knob


Post by thsmith »

I have what I think is a 57 speedo on my 49 and want to remove it for inspection but appears I need to remove the odometer reset knob but I can not figure out how.

It is a small shaft tapered and is knurled on the end about 1.5 inches long.
I have tried unscrewing it but it just keeps turning.

Anyone know how to remove this knob ?





Post by guest »

I had the same problem on my shovel, it was a small knurled shaft, it originally screwed on, but as you experienced, would not screw off, just kept resetting the trip meter over and over......finally I cut the bastard off flush with the dash so I could wiggle the dash off, then I slotted the stub so I could reset with a pen knife, but just using my thumb may not want to go this route but it worked for me.

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