Speedo odometer trip meter knob

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Speedo odometer trip meter knob


Post by mbskeam »

hello, got me a real hd speedo. 1956 vintage, I was wondering if the trip meter knob should roll the numbers back all at once like my repop, or like it does now by spining and spining and spining one number at a time till I get it back to zero. When I get gas I set this back to zero, I use this so as to not have to push the bike to the gas station. It aint no fun.

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Re: Speedo odometer


Post by 55PAN »

Hey Mbskeam...

Every antique bike with an original speedo I've owned(1940-1958) worked this way, one number at a time. I know the bikes in the 70's rolled all the numbers at once, but I don't know what year that started.

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