1949EL - Must have manuals

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1949EL - Must have manuals


Post by thsmith » Sun Oct 10, 2004 2:19 am

Okay, I know this is a loaded question and ambigious at best, but I have never been shy about asking questions.

I am interested in opinions from people who know or own a 1949 pan and what manuals are a must for this year pan.

I have my own list I have started but have not purchased yet. If you see a must have or don't bother I would be interested to hear. I consider the Service manual a most as I had one but it went with my 57 when I sold it. 9 years later I find myself needing another one. My 49EL is pretty close to being right but I want to know myself what nut, bolt, washer, spring, plating is not right, not so much to make it right but just to know.

This is all Vintage Twins fault I am asking ;-}. I know I need go sources of information for my own investigation but there a lot of choices out there.

-Panhead Service manual 1948-1957
-1949-1957 Panhead, 45" SV and servicar Spare Parts from ACS
-Mechanics & Owners Guide to 1941-1959 Harley-Davidson O.H.V. Big Twins
-How to Restore Your Harley-Davidson (Authentic Restoration Guides)
-V-TWIN Catalog-2004 - Have already
-Antique Cycle Supply catalog



Post by VT » Sun Oct 10, 2004 3:28 am

Kick-Start catalog if you want to speak to antique history direct. (616) 245-8991

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