Take a bow all the critics love you everybody loves you!

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Take a bow all the critics love you everybody loves you!


Post by Detroitblue » Wed Nov 24, 2004 2:42 am

Here is your chance to tell the tales of how much adoration you get from people because of that wonderful vintage panhead of yours.

There is a sort of hangout on main street in the city that I live, I hardly ever take a cruise on my " 58" that dosen't wind up on main street sooner or later.

I like to park her out against the curb and go into Mr B's for a Bud light. From the bar stool I can see her right through the window. She never fails to draw a little crowd. Sometimes it is just a couple admirers who know a thing or two about Bikes.

It is amazing to sit there and watch people study my bike for ten mintues or more examining every detail. Pointing out every part like they are enthralled by the novelty of it all.

Sometimes people in the bar wait for the owner (me) to come outside and then hurry out to ask me what year is the bike and all kind of questions.
they shower the bike with complements smile at you with envy as the air is filled the rumble and smoke before you ride off.

Pretty cool!



Post by VT » Wed Nov 24, 2004 4:01 am

8) One of the perks of owning a Pan. You can craft your cool. Craft..your..cool. 8) How cool is that?

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Post by wheels » Thu Nov 25, 2004 6:43 am

i got my first harley when i was 18 years old. i got my first pan when i was 25.it was a 51 racked and stretched with a 12 over girder. bad to the bone. i had been to daytona bike week twice before but in 86i took my chopper and i found out how special panheads are. i had alot of crazy adventures the two weeks iwas down there. but the way that old 51 stood out in the sea of bikes just blew me away. i eat drank and slept harley-davidsons, and the attention my bike drew from total strangers ranging from 1%ers to old timers to even arlen ness and david allen coe made me so proud. the panhead bretheren is quite unique to say the least. i will always regret selling that bike but when it came time to get another there was only one choice for me. Panhead. i've got a nice 65 that i'm slowly personalizing but hope to soon build me another chopper.

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