build questions, Frame id, motor options.

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build questions, Frame id, motor options.


Post by Warrensparadise » Sun Sep 23, 2007 7:09 pm

After reading threads on this site for two days I registered and am putting together my first post. I am no stranger to bikes or forums. I have been over at fhp for a couple of years. I have been slowly building a pan chassis and have come to a crossroad where I need some advice. I have what I believe is a 49 pan chassis. I have stripped it painted it and reassembled it along with the glide front end. I believed it to be a 49 because the sheetmetal was all metallic congo green. the paint was in bad shape as well as missing the tanks. I found a set of 49 tanks in a barn an they are now on the chassis. I have what I believe to be the original trans, but as with all other things that sit in a shed near for 40+ years the trans is in bad shape. the case on the trans also has a crack near the lid. I have since built another 4 speed for it. since the previous owner had the bike (40+ years) he did not have a motor for it. I was originally going to build a knuckle motor for it as I have a 40el engine and a 47el engine sitting on my bench. but after building a 45" flatty and tinkering with the el motors I am not sure that this is what I want to do. I am thinking about trying to pick up a pan lower end (I have two sets of heads a 49 top end and a 50 top end) and building it as a 49. Without a 49 engine I am afraid I be having a very difficult time getting this registered as a 49. I do not want to "blue tag" this bike. I have the old license plate and all off of this bike. I would like to know what fellow forum users think. Should I try to find a 49 engine? should I try to aquire a 49 title and build a new lower end with off the shelf stuff? Is my chassis really a 49? it is a rigid wishbone with the neck lock and a 49-up left side drum brake front end. Or should I continue building a knuckle motor for it since I have a couple that could be rebuilt. I guess no matter what I should know what year the frame is. Thank you for all your input.
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Post by john HD » Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:11 pm

sounds like "if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...." you should save the knuck for a knuck and find a set of legal pan cases.

then again you can always put the knuck in it and run it as is until you find one.


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