Torque settings lug and axle nuts

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Torque settings lug and axle nuts


Post by 64duo » Sat May 14, 2005 10:11 pm

Alright I didn't ask during another thread, so....I still need some help as I can't find these values in the manuals.
1) Is there a torque setting for the lug nuts?
2) What is the torque setting on the front & rear axle nut and front axle sleeve nut?
Thanks in advance
Jonathan -64FLH

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Re: Torque settings lug and axle nuts


Post by Cotten » Sun May 15, 2005 12:16 pm

The Pan era manuals were written to assist "field repairs" at a time when not only were torquewrenches uncommon, most hands had patience and feel. (Now even that is rare, and many don't even properly know how to use a torquewrench!)

Modern (chubble ) manuals included a chart that you can get guidelines from, however the hashmark system of identification was not used by Chandler Products.

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Re: Torque settings lug and axle nuts


Post by Red55FL » Sun May 15, 2005 1:50 pm

When I tighten fasteners that do not have a specified torque spec listed in the manual, I generally use as Cotton said “patience and feel“. However there are times that I am tightening something on a piece of equipment that I don't have the manual for and is critical that it be properly and evenly torqued. In these cases I use an SAE torque chart that I have carried in my torque wrench case for almost 30 years. The chart came out of a manual, too many years ago to remember what manual. I started to scan and post it, but after all of these years it is looking pretty bad, even thought I laminated it some years back.
Instead, I did a Google search for “bolt torque“ and came up with the following links.
Remember to take into account the material and thickness of the material you are tightening a bolt into. With aluminum, pot metal, magnesium, or cast iron/steel with worn threads, you may need to reduce the torque from what is on the chart.
For lug nuts and axel nuts, the torques shown on these charts will work fine.
Tight is tight, too tight is loose again. ;)

Hope this helps
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