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Build A '56 Replica Pan


Post by VT » Wed May 11, 2005 2:34 pm

Here's another pix from Gerald Foster's "Cult of the Harely-Davidson" book. ... 8&v=glance

This is a good model to choose to build. Even better, is the fact that you can order a 1958 style motor for it, which has the larger diameter, increased bearing surface, side-oiling pinion shaft. The '58 was the perfected Pan motor. Available through Tedd Cycle (VT 10-2016). There's four motors in stock, in NY.
These machines are relative to building a Revelle? model car kit. We've done the prelim work for you. Frame lock, front forks, front brake, rear brake and next... wiring. The speed bumps and pot-holes have been roadmarked. If you want to buy a kit, or parts to finish what you have, ask me a question. There's nothing I don't know about the Panhead kit from Tedd Cycle, and if there is, I can get an answer in two days. But, DON'T start out "from-scratch" on your own, pilgrim. It's a wilderness out there, and I can't the take time to unravel your problems, if you "rebel-up" and take-off on your on ahead of the wagon train.
74 cu. in. only. Just like Dennys mechanically, or I won't sign on. - Plumber
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Question regarding these replica '58 Kits


Post by A » Sat May 14, 2005 1:25 am

How easy is it to get a title for one of these kit bikes? Do they harass for turn signals and quiet pipes? How much does the kit cost with engine and everything? Any other info would be great. Thanks.



Post by VT » Sat May 14, 2005 3:27 am

Sure. Let me think about it a few hours. 8)



Post by VT » Sat May 14, 2005 4:13 am

They have a '48 Panhead kit. Costs me 13,200., retails for 15,700. you might get next to a dealer and get it for less than 15,700. That's alot of dough. You could find a running OEM one cheaper. If you want to build a Hydra-Glide, you need to have Mark Blankenship makes you a set of '48-59 fork cups OEM 48311-48. They only repop '60-up cups. No good for us. Mark's in W. Virginia. You can reach him between 4-6 PM @ (304) 697-1445 (EST). He makes the cups. You will need to get bearings (07100) and races (07196). Timken or another brand, they all use the same part numbers.
The replicas are in individual boxes. Paint, labor, etc.. It's a vision quest. I wouldn't recommend it, but I'm doing it.
The turn signals consist of a 6V sending unit, a three-way handlebar switch (looks like the dimmer switch) and four bullet lights w/ amber lenses. Two bullets mount on each side of the Glide fork covers, and two under the seat. The wires are external on the handlebars, held on with clamps. In theory, the turn signals will be removed once the machine is registered. I'll risk an equipment citation at least once, before I'd leave that garbage on there.
You bring up a good question, I'll check Teusday with the CHP, to see whether the motorcycle must be running to get it blue-tagged. There is no emission inspection on the motor and the turn signals will work with the battery. I'm working hard to get two machines up there to license, running motors or not, if they'll let me.

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