Hydra-glide re-build

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Hydra-glide re-build


Post by Panacea » Wed Jun 18, 2008 2:47 am

I put a couple hundred miles on the new front end and I'm happy with how they work. THe old setup had 2" over tubes and I wanted to get back to the stock look. I used Progressive springs to soften the harsh ride, turned out the springs that were in there were also progressive but about an inch longer. I set up the preload at 3/4". One glitch I ran into was the dampener kit I bought from JP came with new snaprings that were .008 too thick to fit the grooves in the Franks Legs, so I used the old ones to hold the dampener assembly into the bottom of the tubes. The handeling with the stock lenght tubes is much better, especially at low speeds and the "harsh dampening" is completely gone. I do have a bit of "top out clunk" when I pull over the curb at the end of my driveway, I probably didn't have that before due to the stiff springs. I may try some heavier oil at the next oil change. The Franks tubes fit into my sliders real well, no play at all that I could feel, and the tubes measured exactly the same size from top to bottom. I was thinking an updated seal would eliminate the felt rubbing on the tubes for a bit less "sticktion" but they were back ordered so I went OEM. The dampener kit came with all new paper washers (6 of each) and I had no problems with leaks. Mike

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