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General 64 DuoGlide questions


Post by Scoot » Mon Aug 25, 2008 10:58 pm

My 64FLH DuoGlide had some engine problems and I just made arrangements for Accurate Engineering to take care of that issue but since its apart Im doing some other work. I am having the frame repainted but want to clean up this garbage on the lower part of the neck were it acts as a steering stop. First I wanted to know why it would look like something was cut off of here? Can I just fill this in with my MIG or will I need to take it to a welding shop so they can TIG it? Also the pin that slides forward to lock the steering is seized in place. Any tricks to get this out?

Since I'm painting the frame and anything else that is suppose to be piano black, I think my oil bag is suppose to be black but mine is chrome. Can anyone set this straight and if its the wrong one, were can I find one NOS or Reman? Is the maintenance stand suppose to be black too or aluminum color like mine is currently?
Thanks for the help guys
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64 Pan Man

Re: General 64 DuoGlide questions


Post by 64 Pan Man » Wed Aug 27, 2008 1:04 am

The oil bag is Correct. For 63 and 64 Chrome Oil Tanks could be ordered from the factory on FL-FLH's Duo-glides. Also the service stand should be that color, not black. Hope this helps. I have an All Original 64 Duo that my Pops purchased brand new in Nov 63!

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