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Post by mikes71sporty » Sun Sep 21, 2008 11:13 pm

I have an update to my previous post "Still waitin to se 49 pan run..."

I was contacted by seller Friday night that he had new battery and I culd come over Sunday to see the 49 Panhead run...
I went over and he let me know his headlight switch (JP Cycle) had shorted out and was in pieces. Oh, well... I figure a pretty easy fix... Then when switching the ignition switch back and forth to demostrate lights I see smoke coming up out from under the dash/switch area. Then I see smoke coming out of the rear coil/battery area.... ^&$# . Seller finally notices and pulls chrome cover off of ignition switch at top of tank off...It was shorting out the connections.... Somke goes away.... He mentions that the wiring might need to be gon over as he used JP Cylce stuff.... I figure..well.... I guess everything is somewhat of a project...

Seller fires up bike and rips out of driveway to demo it... Runs up and down the street shifting gears... Pullls back into yard and shuts down...Bike sounds pretty good.. We wat a few minutes and fire it up again and he deomos it again... Returns back and shuts down and mentions clutch might need minor adjustments...
I am ready to make offer and ask for the third time in 3 weeks if he has a clear title in HIS NAME? Previously he has stated that the title is in his name and ready to go NOW HE SAYS THE TITLE IS STILL IN THE PREVIOUS OWNERS NAME. THE PREVIOUS OWNER DIED 8 YEARS AGO. THE SELLER HAS NEVER TRANSFERRED IT INTO HIS NAME. He has a bill of sale as a basket case and the previous owners signature on the title as the seller. Title is not dated with the sale date. He acts like this is no problem. I state that he previously said it was in his name and that won't work for me... He says he could possibly transfer it and get it to me later... I am slightly pissed and thank him for his time... He acts kinda ho hum and pissed as says he will put it back out in front of his house as is.... I leave and eat lunch... Whew.... Really...

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Post by Panacea » Sun Sep 21, 2008 11:53 pm

It's always a good idea to go with the buyer to the DMV just to make sure the title( and the liability) gets transfered right away. I sold a car to a friend at work years ago, one night the cops came to my door looking for the owner of a Dynamic 88 involved in a "hit and run", I explained that I had sold the car, the cop however was not so easily convinced, lucky I had saved the corner off the title with the buyers name and address....Mike

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Post by mbskeam » Tue Sep 23, 2008 2:00 am

if the title has the owners signature, you are good to go.
mine had a Texas title and had been thru one shop (Tulsa Bobs) in Oceanside Cal, and the guy I bought if off of at work, the title was in the name of the dude from Texas. it was many years latter that it was put into my name, it also did not have a date, this is good for you....
I had no problems going thru the state patrol inspection, they took the title from me, receipts for parts and then ran the numbers, 5 min latter I was on my way with a inspection slip that I gave to the lady at the title place......
my point is "IT HAS A TITTLE" if you think the numbers look good and not messed with, and can get it for a good price then do it. if you think you may have trouble then get this guy to go to the dmv with you, but use him only if you have too.....

I also have a 1960 caddy that has a title like this, passed off 3 times,and it still is not in my name....but I have the TITLE with a sig. and when I sell it off, it goes to who ever, and they can restore or part out or sit for 20 more years.....but they have the title

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Post by steve_wood » Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:23 pm

If you want, you can use International Title Service to get yourself a title for the bike. Just make sure the bike isn't stolen. If you have the VIN, ask your local police station to run it. If it comes back clean, you are good to go. The way it works is you send them a notorized receipt saying that you've sold them the bike for $XXX. (but you keep the bike). They send you back an Alabama registration for the bike and a bill of sale for $XXX. You take the paperwork to the DMV and they issue you a title in your name.

You're thinking that this is .... shady.... but it is perfectly legal. The key is that you provide them with an affadavit that basically says you own the vehicle and that it was not fraudulently obtained. That's why you have to make sure that it really isn't stolen.

I've used this service twice with no issues at all. Hope this helps.

Their website is: http://www.its-titles.com/

Price is $85 for motorcycles.


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Post by junker » Thu Sep 25, 2008 6:17 am

Yes I have used broadway titles before with no problem,easy and no hassel trying to find last owner that titled it.the dmv in tennessee are a pain in the ass if you dont have the right stuff but they have no problem with the title company's.

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