Considering a purchase

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Considering a purchase


Post by ross00 » Mon Nov 08, 2004 12:17 pm

Hello all,

I have 2000 dyna, just completed a 95" build with ported heads and cams. Bike is a great cruiser but just doesn't have enough style, (no matter how much chrome I put on). It doesn't fully satisfy the mid-life crisis.
I like to do my own work and I like a challenge. I have the Dyna to ride everyday. I am looking for a bike that has a stock 50/60's look to it. Will probably use it around town and bring it to shows.
How easy is it to tell if a bike is original? Does originality make the bike worth a lot more (correct frame and engine)? Are there any price ranges available for different years?


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Re: Considering a purchase


Post by dirtydistrict » Mon Nov 08, 2004 7:05 pm

Hi and welcome to this board, a Pan is what you seems looking for, have you ever try to ride one of these bikes ? it's far from your dyna...the best thing would be to:
- buy the Bruce Palmer book where everything is describe years by years
- search for a bike the closest to original as AM parts are very expensive, sometime junk and not as valuable as original.
-learn a little about these old iron engines in order to do your own repair when something fail (it NEVER ;D, but who knows..)
- at last, ride your Pan, it's made for, showbikes are just icon, the real life is on the road it gives sense to this board.

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Re: Considering a purchase


Post by King » Tue Nov 09, 2004 4:06 pm

Hi Ross

Also welcome. When (not if) you get your Pan this is the place to get the info you will need to keep it rolling. For style and a great hobby the Pan is your bike. As to a specific year that is pretty much up to you they are all great. I would also recommend reading Palmers book as that will give you the features of each year and help you make up your mind.
Original condition bikes are much more valuable than modifed and I would recommend that you get one as close to stock as possible. Prices vary but a good condition well running Pan in near stock condition can be had for around $15k.

Have fun,


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Re: Considering a purchase


Post by ross00 » Tue Nov 09, 2004 9:34 pm

Do the swing arm 58+ ride a lot better than the rigid?

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Re: Considering a purchase


Post by kell » Wed Nov 10, 2004 6:41 am

You can't beat a rigid for the look. And it's kind of fun to corner with them.
Those old rigid frame bikes came with sprung seats for a very good reason.
I rode my rigid with the seat bolted to the frame for a while, and it's just no go as far as I'm concerned. So I put a t-bar and pogo on.
I use an aftermarket seat that is narrower than the old seats. I fabbed a mounting attachment to the t-bar that places the seat farther back. It's also lower, which is accomplished by using different springs in the pogo stick. So the bike has a profile a little more like the rigids you see that have the seats right on the frame. I got springs of the lengths and stiffness I needed from A S Raymond. Selecting springs for a custom application is a little complicated because the pogo stick actually has three places where springs go in, and about five springs altogether. You have to consider spring rate, length and the way the springs in the different chambers interact.
After all that I did to the bike I'm pretty happy with it. I didn't sacrifice any value because the bike had already come a long way from its origins, with an aftermarket frame and engine cases, disc conversion front and back, blah blah. I like electrical stuff so I cooked up my own ignition with solid-state components and stuffed it into the old breaker. I had to rebuild the transmission. Many are the hours I have spent working on this bike... I hope you like working on stuff too if you want a pan.

Back in the day that's what the old owners did!

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Re: Considering a purchase


Post by Billy » Wed Nov 10, 2004 8:08 am

Just a comment on Harleys, new ones, you throw a leg over & ride. & park in a mass of same bikes. BORING.
Old Iron =Big difference, They have SOUL... ;D
Nothing finer than a Classic HD. Park that next to the "Billet Bunch" & see who looks at what??
Need I say more.
PS: They are meant to be ridden & enjoyed, & sometimes that enjoyment comes from getting grease under your fingernails. If that doesn't fit into someone's style. Get back on a New machine & let the HD boutique charge you for what they call "service." Around here in my part of Fla. there's more charging than "Servicing" from what I hear!!!!

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