Kick starting while on or off the bike

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Kick starting while on or off the bike


Post by Sidecar » Thu Jan 22, 2009 9:28 am

Author: sidecar

I'm just curious as to whether most of you guys kick start your bike while you straddle the thing or stand on the ground to start it ?
I stand on the ground and use my right foot to start it. I figured that this would keep the bike nicer looking in case it threw me off. It shouldn't fall over this way. Hopefully. ( I used to have a 400 CZ dirt bike that would throw you off like it owned you. It threw a friend of mine over the handle bars once.)
I keep my right hand on the throttle and my left hand on the seat while kicking.
I run a springer windshield until it warms up and this thing feels real close to my face if I try to kick the bike while on it.

Post by vintagehd

I use my left leg, while standing on the ground next to it, as I lost full use of my right in the service, left hand on the throttle and an easy smooth kick through...The old pan is so smooooth I don't even need to tromp on it to start it...usually just a weak kick and it fires right up...a little tougher in cold weather, but none the less it does start...V.

Post by dremelts

I straddle it AND stand on the ground. The bike is on the side stand, my left foot is on the ground on the left side and both hands are on the handlebars. I retard the spark just a tad so it doesn't buck.

Post by gearbox

I'm same as 57pan , since I put in an auto adv. timer , no more moving it. its kinda nice , first kick most of the time.

Post by kevsett

Same as 57pan and fourthgear, except I retard the spark the full rotation.

Post by vintagehd

Sidecar I see you hale from SW far from Pittsburgh?...Me 2 hours S on slow day...V.

Post by billy

I straddle too, (as previously mentioned)

Post by panacea

I kick with my right leg, come down with left leg on the ground on the right side of the bike, still getting use to the saddle bag guard, kinda' gets in the way. This is the way I always kicked my 49 chopper, hard to break the habit...MW

Post by panfreak

Right hand on throttle, other on seat, right leg kick (hopefully only once) with left on ground. And never in RUNNERS, my shin has finally healed.

Post by bigmike

Left hand on seat, right on bars, kick with left leg. (blew my right knee out years ago)

Post by cotten

Nobody ever puts their left knee on the seat?


Post by mbskeam

I do the knee on the seat.......
just a little jump and gravity does the rest.


Post by russw

Yup, left knee on the seat,right foot on the kicker, come down nice and graceful. Forget to retard spark when cold, and right knee into right gas tank, right ankle in pain. Over thirty years doin' this, someday I'm gonna hurt myself!

Post by sidecar
Sidecar I see you hale from SW far from Pittsburgh?...Me 2 hours S on slow day...V.
I live on the outskirts of Washington. Roughly 45 minutes south from Pgh

Post by sidecar

I was never to keen on the left knee on the seat. I have done it in the past though. I was always wondering about the kick stand breaking off or sinking into the ground. I guess you guys must park on cement or black top all the time??

Post by vintagehd

Sidecar I know right where you're at...there yesterday!...V.

Post by haggis

I always straddle the PB cause even with a 1" extended Jiffy she still leans a lot to the left.Kinda kicking at an angle, and with a bit of luck if anyones watching she'll fire up on the first kick. although if I forget to clean her out she'll embarrass the living shit right out of me!Haggis.

Post by dj

I kick with the machine on the Duo-Glide center stand, while I am on the bike. My left foot on the footboard, so I am standing. Both hands on the bars. With my 175 lbs, it provides a lot more leverage kicking straight down rather than the angle of the jiffy stand. (seemingly)
I can kick it on the jiffy stand, but I prefer the center stand. And the riders weight isn't everything. My son is 6'3" 210 lbs. and can't kick my bike over worth a shit. A lot of it is technique, meaning finding the compression stroke and learning how to yank your leg at the right time as your weight comes down.

Post by texasbobber

hello haggis,
when you say "although if I forget to clean her out" are you talking about primer kicks?

Post by haggis

I used to have a hell of a problem with the PB not firing if I had stopped for a break on a run, anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes left on the jiffy stand warm. Finally decided because she leans over hard on the stand that the Carb was draining into the manifold. So as long as I shut off the gas and let her idle for a minute before shutting her down ...or kick it through a couple of times to clear the pots if I forget to do that, she usually behaves herself......
It would be a lot simplier to get a longer jiffy eh?
Just ordered a new one today! ;D Haggis

Post by billy


Never happen on a Flathead, (carb is on the opposite side)

Post by haggis

Thats right Billy! but you do have to carry a tin can to catch the drippings! ;D.
Seem to remember a photo somewhere though of a panchop with a Bendix on it but he had rotated the manifold or made up a new one and the carb pointed left....looked real weird! ;D Haggis.

Post by cotten on May 2, 2006, 2:13pm

Many years ago I thought it would be cute to spin my short little Keihin around and run it on the left. It was easy to cut'n'splice a manifold.
But with no other adjustments or changes, it just did not have the same performance.
That long intake tract must be part of what gives a Pan its low-end torque. Something to do with velocity, or whatever.
Still started easy though.
Any and all carbs should start easy.


Post by haggis

You dog!...thought you never went through your Rebel stage!
How is that Tutonic stretch neck doing?.....Put any miles on her?
B.T.W. your carb float's holding up well!....Haggis.
PS Easy starting Carbs and women...who can argue?

Post by panacea

Haggis, my pan also leaned over too far, so I just shimmed the top bolts on the kickstand. Now it's perfect!..MW

Post by haggis

God damn it! why didn't I think of that! ???
Well ..jiffy's on the way..if I dont like the look of it ,it's going back.

Post by dremelts

Quote: Haggis, my pan also leaned over too far, so I just shimmed the top bolts on the kickstand. Now it's perfect!..MW

After I de-raked my neck and put stock tubes in the front forks it did not lean over far enough so had to shim the bottom bolts on mine.

Post by azpaul50

I kick with my left leg and right hand on the throttle standing next to it. Spark is all the way retard. No excuses about my right leg...I can just get more oomph into the kick using my left leg and standing on the right. It is a cantankerous '63 FL Duo and at three packs a day, it'll be the end of me yet especially when it is 110 here in Yuma! *lol*

Post by sidecar

I've got the bottom bolts shimmed on mine also. I needed more lean angle.

Post by rigidpanman

retard mag,pull up enrichener lever on super e,left leg on ground,kick with right,usually 2 kicks when cold.

Post by 108

"48 FL with auto advance - bike upright, left foot on the ground and mostly body weight right foot kick.

Post by rigidude

left knee on seat here. I guess it depends on your build too. I have short squatty chopper legs...sorta like my bike. And dam...left leg on pavement , you wanna crack your kneecap ? i dont see how you can plumb your foot on the pedal that way.

Post by daveyb

right foot kick. i start with my left foot on the ground but it takes a healthy kick with my full 190 lbs. one lazy day i kicked without my usual enthusiasm. the bike kicked back and drove my right heel into my left shinbone. that felt real nice and left me with a subdural hematoma that took about a month to heal.

Post by panacea

DaveyB, I had a subdermal hematoma on the back of my forearm when I was a kid, (ice skating abuse) my arm blew up to twice its normal size. I think it was caused by the white girls skates I was using, caused me to be distracted. So if you think kicking accidents are embarassing, think again!..MW

Post by kell

Many years ago my brother said to me, "Don't you get on a horse before you kick it in the slats?"

Post by lstpan65

Well I'm supposed to just press the button on the 65, but....... the starter's shot (I haven't found a line on Delco remy parts yet) so I decided to kick it for the summer. I'm still experimenting with what I like best. I'm a short guy so straddling it with left foot on the ground is out. When she's being stubborn >:( I put my left foot of the left peg, but my boots mark up the outer primary. Knee to seat works for my build.
Anybody ever have the jiffy stand fail?

Post by cotten

LstPan65 asked, "Anybody ever have the jiffy stand fail?"

Aftermarket: yes.
OEM: No, unless chrome'd, welded upon, or straightened with heat.

When they break, things can be worse than just embarrassing.
When they have lost their temper and just let you roll over on your side in slow motion, its hilarious.


Post by duodave

There is not much clearance between my police oil tank and kickstart shaft. If I straddle the bike, my boot heel tends to scuff the oil tank, so I stand on the right side and kick with my right foot.
I had the mounting bolt shear on my Norton Commando sidestand while I was kicking the engine over. That was a little embarrassing. The guy who lifted the bike off me seemed to find it funny though.

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Re: Kick starting while on or off the bike


Post by phlip » Tue Dec 07, 2010 3:18 am

I ride a 59 pan for 25 yrs but i am 5ft6 and when your short like me I put one knee on seat and outher on kicker, why is so when i kick the bike over my arm will not twist the throtle open any at all

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Re: Kick starting while on or off the bike


Post by Sir_Rat » Wed Dec 08, 2010 12:01 pm

I always kicked my '59 (and any other Harley) standing on the side with my left foot. One day we were rushing to get a buddies bike up for a toy for tots run, we didn't know it at the time but one of the springs for the auto advance weights had come off (aftermarket crap), bike would just almost start barely sort of kinda not. We were taking shifts wearing out leggs, it was my turn again and I had it closer to starting than anybody else had. I got the pedal all the way up, jumped up and gave the most supreme full body kick I had ever kicked in my life. The kicker slipped out of gear and free spun all the way down to the stop. Fractured my left foot :cry: From that day forward I straddle the bike, left foot on the ground and kick with my right foot.

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Re: Kick starting while on or off the bike


Post by stump » Sat Jan 29, 2011 6:50 am

i put my left knee on the seat both hands on the bars if i straddle it starts but it comes off the kickstand to the right it 's more stable on the seat

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