Must have Panhead tools

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Must have Panhead tools


Post by Bear » Wed Feb 02, 2005 4:08 pm

so as I build my 'project bike' (uhem. . . . ), may I ask this esteemed crowd, what are the must have tools to build a panhead. I have seen all sorts of bent wrenches and whatnot. I am at the beginning, so please recomend for me what are the tools that I really have to have, and what are the wish-list tools that make a big difference in assembling this machine! (patience and perserverence seem to be must haves, I think those I have.)

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Re: Must have Panhead tools


Post by Cotten » Thu Feb 03, 2005 9:45 am

A lathe and an oxy-acetylene torch. You need them to make the rest of the tools.

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Re: Must have Panhead tools


Post by DuoDave » Thu Feb 03, 2005 11:45 pm

A computer is a definate must have, so Cotten can tell you why you shouldn't have done what you have just done! I find the most useful thing to have for any restoration is a parts book with exploded diagrams. You can then see exactly what should be there and how it fits together. The Clymer manual and V-Twin catalogue both have good diagrams. If you stop short of re-building the crankshaft yourself, you should not need too many special tools, but it depends on how much of the work you intend doing yourself. I made a clutch hub puller and a tool for removing the compensating sprocket nut, but if your bike is already stripped, you wont need those. Most of the rest of it you can get by with a normal tool kit and a bit of lateral thinking. For instance, a bent wrench is ideal for getting to the cylinder head nuts, but you can do the job with a 9/16ths socket and an allen Key slipped in the drive end. You better order up another box of patience and perseverence, cos that's what you will need most!

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Re: Must have Panhead tools


Post by VintageTwin » Sat Feb 05, 2005 4:06 pm

Call Chuck @ 616-245-8991 tell him you want the "Pilgrim Kit". Tell him the plumber sent you. He's going to sell you a parts book for what you have. Go to" onclick=";return false; and see if there are any used Clymer Panhead books, before you call Chuck, then if no used ones get a new one. Don't try to do any motor work yourself, except for valve adjustment on a solid lifter Pan motor. You can buy our book on Amazon, but not through this site (our link was cut) it's expensive at 50 bucks (I spent 50 grand writing it). I'll put one up there for $45. bucks for 3 or 4 days, if you want it, buy it direct from me. Our book will tell you what tools you need to change a Pan motor over to solid lifter, and how to replace your clutch hub liner, and electrical testing like the factory manual says, but clearer. If you have a'65 Pan, our book won't help. The best Pans are '48 to 60, slightly more complicated at '61 thru 64 and '65 you need a Sun Vat 60 with all kinds of meters and hook ups to test the electrical system and it sort of removes the hands-on hobby of a Pan. The best years for Pan (in my opinion only) are '58 and '59 because they had the larger surface pinion shaft in the Timken bearings. Lastly, go to (V-Twin)" onclick=";return false; and order a (price we can all live with) FREE catalog. Get the big builders catalog and get the "Vintage" 1915-1969 catalog. The Vintage catalog is going to have "vintage" tools. You may want to get : the clutch hub puller, a universal puller (3-bolt from Harbor Freight) for your motor sprocket, and stop right there. You can end up buying tools you'll never use like I did and end up having to sell them. You should find a V-Twin dealer in your zip code area. Ask the dealer if you can get a little bit of a discount because you're going to buy most of your parts through him. Order at least 300 bucks in parts at a time and get free shipping. Be prepared to have to send parts back. Never rip open a bag. Use sissors. Learn to "groove" on parts disappointment. Never get mad and curse at V-Twin. Groove on the "feeling", we're all in the same boat. If you don't have a dealer in you're area, go down to the bank, deposit 3,000K and open a free-business checking account, file a ficticious name statement, nail an address on your garage, take a pix of your "shop", make a business card, download a "dealer request" form off the [url]http:www.v-twin site ,submit you paperwork as a dealer ... >Panheads, and submit your miserys to me on my little Panhead broom closet of a site (until they discover me and kick me out). The whole thing with Panhead is: Buy or build the right year, buy all the books that Chuck tells you to and study, read, and study some more. You will find that the Davidsons and Harleys developed a motor and machine that was designed to be re-built. And a machine with "thought for the owner/mechanic built in". If you need motor assistance in a guaranteed re-build (I don't mean an "Oh yeah, it's guaranteed, gimme yer money"), I mean a "Guaranteed" not to fail motor backed up by a (MMI; phd) God of all things Harley at" onclick=";return false; All this doesn't really tell you too much, except where to start.

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Re: Must have Panhead tools


Post by toolscum » Sat Feb 05, 2005 9:51 pm

KD "gear wrenches." Set of 8 standard is about $75. I have a Matco Tool truck & sell them all the time. You really will wonder how you got along without them. You should be able to find them at Pep Boys. There are others on the market but KD invented them and they are the smallest and best.

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Re: Must have Panhead tools


Post by Jonderson » Mon Feb 07, 2005 7:54 am" onclick=";return false; has Pan tools as well, and their catalog has nice exploded diagrams (better than the manual, that is for sure!)

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Re: Must have Panhead tools


Post by 53rigidrider » Tue Feb 08, 2005 11:01 pm

J&P Cycles has Pan era tool kits for $80+ bucks.
I collected what I needed from everywhere, and now they're in my kidney toolbox.

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