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Need Police M/Cycle "links & /or info

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Need Police M/Cycle "links & /or info


Post by Billy » Mon Jun 07, 2004 12:14 pm

Help, trying to do some research on "Police Bikes"
particularly in the 70's Police Servi-Cars
Looking for pictures & any additional info.

Thanks in Advance.. ;D



Re: Need Police M/Cycle "links & /or info


Post by dj » Tue Jun 08, 2004 9:01 am

Seems to be very little out there as comprehensive web sites go. I've looked, and this was the only one of interest worthy of a bookmark at the time. The Harley section is "under construction", and there is not much there.
There must be a H-D parts or accesssories book out there somewhere, and I can't help but believe that there are retired cops out there who are really knowlegable. But as you have probably found the online presence is kinda lame. Maybe if you contacted the webmaster, they might be of more help." onclick=";return false;

[edit] Well Billy, you've rekindled my interest and I'm gonna be looking for more sites, etc. When I was shopping for spotlights, I came across a set of NOS 1980 Guide pursuit lights, complete with the brackets, flasher, switch, and H-D installation instructions. I replaced the blue sealed beams with clear to run, but it will be fun to put them on once and a while....disconnected of course, because its against the law to have them operational. I asked a cop, and this was his gut opinion but he suggested I contact the local traffic bureau. I would like to have enough cop accessories to do the Panhead up right on a days notice just for the heck of it. Not completely correct like paint, just enough to scare the crackheads on the street. The blue lights should be enough.

I'll keep my eye out and pass anything along.

Nice '63 Servicar


Sorry no '70.

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Re: Need Police M/Cycle "links & /or info


Post by Billy » Tue Jun 08, 2004 2:06 pm

I belong to 3 Servi (only) sites. But most are 'mixers'
&/or Woodie beds & customs, chops & etc..
I think the "Ultimate Irony"is 'me' toolin on my Police Special. As my youth was spent avoiding the cops, & tickets.. ;D ;D
(but) mainly X-tra points at shows, & bike nights, & etc.....
Thanks for the "PMA" link. & nice '63 I Like ;D

I scored some (primo) 'Guide' buckets, also. & Red & Blue Pursuit lights. (correct era, for mine)
I have NOS "Police" Fr fender labels..too.
My rig IS a '73 Police Special, (end of an era, since 1932)& that's why I re-painted it 'Police White', & I'm just adding more Police (correct era ) accessories to it.. But keeping it a 'rider' too, means covering a couple things (on the road) anyhow...
Thanks again & if anyone else has any sources, I would appreciate hearing about it/them.....

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Re: Need Police M/Cycle "links & /or info


Post by DuoDave » Wed Jun 09, 2004 7:44 am

Billy - I have the book that Vintage Twin recommends. It has a chapter on the servicar, but it mostly covers earlier models. I am sure you will enjoy the book even if it does not give you all the info you are looking for. As my pan is an ex police bike from California, I thought it would be fun to dress it out as a CHiPs bike. I think it would be pretty difficult to locate the correct period parts, so I settled on a black and white paintjob.


Re: Need Police M/Cycle "links & /or info


Post by dj » Wed Jun 09, 2004 1:55 pm

Good to see ya DuoDave!
Billy, I was thinking when it came to something like a siren for yours, look into what Whelen was making in that era. Seems by that time HD would have abandoned the "tire rubber" drive and would have gone to an electronic horn. And you could not go wrong with a Motorola radio.

A cop bike with a there's a grin.

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Re: Need Police M/Cycle "links & /or info


Post by Billy » Wed Jun 09, 2004 9:09 pm

Your Pan is Beautiful!! I think the Police Bikes got 'hotter cams' & such.. Except the 45 Servi's...ticket writing didn't require any Hi-Speed.. -
Thanks for the info, (Bummer) I sure hoped it would have more on Late "cop" Servi's, I will still get the book. Can't have too many books.. ;D

Sure appreciate your help also !! I'm not sure about Newer Servi's but 1970 Cop Servi had a siren thru the fr fender. I don't think I'm cutting into my fender.
(even if it was that way for '73 & if I had a 'Siren') I am adding the spots (not hooked up, of course) & adding the "POLICE" labels to both sides of fr fender..
& a unit #
I have to speak to local PD about the legalities..
Before I get any tickets.. ;D
I'm sure I will have to 'cover-up' some for street use..
No Problem..

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