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Need to know about Panheads


Post by hammerhead47 » Mon Jul 26, 2004 9:24 pm

Hey folx,
my current project is going to be a custom chopper pushed by a new panhead. I know many people on this list don't consider them to be "panheads" but my feeling is pretty much this: If you put new STD heads on your pan its still a pan right? If it gets new S&S cases or flywheels instead it is still a pan. Not many folx runnin the original pistons and cylinders so if putting all of these new parts on one is okay then why not building it completely from accepted parts?
Besides if i buy an aftermarket 4 bolt 350 block put manley rods edelbrock etc etcetc I am still calling it a Chevy.
Now my question is this: I have had a knucklehead and a couple of shovels and knuckles and shovels both seem to have their own unique quirks. What do I need to know about Pans? What strange little personality traits do I need to be prepared for?
I will be ordering it in January from SVC they seem to have the best warranty I've found and its built from good parts.
J Kre;;

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Re: Need to know about Panheads


Post by DuoDave » Tue Jul 27, 2004 2:43 pm

I agree with you regarding replica Pans. This only becomes a problem when somebody tries to pass a replica off as an original with a corresponding price hike. You see a lot of that in the classic car and bike world. As for the quirks and foibles of Panheads, there are pages and pages of posts here that should tell you most of what you should know. Happy reading!

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Re: Need to know about Panheads


Post by dirtpandan58 » Tue Jul 27, 2004 5:22 pm

With all do respect, I don't think there is anything you need to know about the personality traits of a panhead. If you think about it you're not buying a panhead {so to speak}.
A panhead is an old motor. You're buying a new motor.
Don't get me wrong, please.
I just don't think that they would have the same characteristics.
That's just my opinion,I could be wrong.
I would be interested in hearing more opinions on this.


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Re: Need to know about Panheads


Post by 49oldschool » Wed Jul 28, 2004 1:35 pm

I agree Dirt,Hammerhead is going to have a NEW technology Panhead STYLE motor, not that there's anything wrong with that, but in order to have characteristics of a old Panhead motor or Panhead motorcycle you need to be riding an old Panhead! I also agree with Duo, there's pages of posts concerning Panhead quirks, great reading but I doubt if Hammerhead will experience many of them.
safe riding to all--------49 oldschool

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Re: Need to know about Panheads


Post by dereborn » Wed Jul 28, 2004 5:11 pm

Hi Hammerhead!

I'm from sweden. Even if I learn american english very well, I'm still a swede. If I move to the U.S. - I'm still a swede. If I get a green card, get an american wife and kids and live in the states for 20 years - I' still a swede! I might become an american swede but I'm still a swede!
That's why an S&S engine will always be just that - an S&S engine. It might look like a pan - but it's not.
PLEASE note that I do NOT put any values in this!! Everyone should go for their thing and I fully respect everyones decision (well... V-rod riders is borderline, but anyways...)
As the other guys said, this only means that you won't have to worry much about the panhead quirks, as you have eliminated pretty much all of them from the start of the project!

Good Luck!

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Re: Need to know about Panheads


Post by 53rigidrider » Fri Jul 30, 2004 10:53 am

I was thinking why a 2003-4 replica engine for about $6K, when you can get a nifty 'lil Pan engine for about $3K?
I have lengthy "discussions" with my Pan friends about the new "EVO Pans," and we all agree that for the same price, we could completely renovate our existing Pan engines with all the new distributors and having the heads polished and ported too.
Part of the Panhead mystique is the hertiage each surviving one represents. Like my 53, how many rainstorms, blizzards, and sunnydays has it been through? My '53 was made the same year Indian built their last Chief, we were in Korea, and Ike was Prez.
That's what it's all about for me.
Do what's best for you, love your ride, and build your own memories on it!

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Re: Need to know about Panheads


Post by haggis » Fri Jul 30, 2004 4:36 pm

I'm sure the new motor will be solid and a beautiful thing..........but for me that left case should sport very few numbers....preferably starting with a 5.
I would spend the cash on a good rebuilt motor.
But then again . I just spent the last week wandering the Maine woods looking for Bambi's too shoot and drinking more beer than is normaly considered sane....why listen to me...Haggis ;D


Re: Need to know about Panheads


Post by GJ BILLY BUK » Sat Jul 31, 2004 12:43 pm

my tintop made me a better wrench than i ever would have been .dont get me wrong very few people love to work on there bike all the time.but with the old iron it becomes a way of life.nothin better than knowin your scoot inside out. your new one wont give ya that closeness.thats why the old iron allways has a name .good luk an ride it like ya stole it bb

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