Legal title on re-constructed panhead

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Legal title on re-constructed panhead


Post by Panacea » Mon Jan 09, 2006 1:33 am

Hi, I've got a curiosity question,Is it legal to buy a set of cases with title and install them on your bike to use that title? Example, I have a pan that is titled as 74 special construction ,and would like to have a HD title.I do have a line on a set of cases that are the same vintage as my pan.

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Post by panz4ever » Mon Jan 09, 2006 6:30 am

Panacea...not sure of Minnesota laws but in California, prior to 69, bikes are registered by the engine number only. After that it takes a frame with matching cases to make it something other than a special construction motor.

The CHP out here are very careful about inspecting bikes/motors and ensuring that the titles match the cases. I am not sure. but w/o a title. I believe they will only do a special consrtuction designation (but I may be wrong).

Your best bet is to go to your local law enforcement folks who would be inspecting your scoot and ask them.

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Post by Cotten » Mon Jan 09, 2006 2:45 pm

If your special construction had the frame stamped with an assigned number, then it must remain that way.

If your frame is unstamped, then you will merely register with the purchased title. Consult your State's authorities concerning inspection requirements.




Post by 53pan » Mon Jan 30, 2006 3:03 pm

if you have a stock harley frame 1969 or prior,they have no numbers . so you use a title service and use your motor numbers for the new title id. do what you will with your old builders paperwork.

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Post by Cotten » Mon Jan 30, 2006 3:33 pm


Frames as early as '64 (perhaps earlier) had stamped production numbers upon the left side of the headstock, and occasionally they appear on issued titles.

My reply to Panacea referred to any stamped VIN on the right, which should appear on nearly all special constructions with aftermarket frames, and occasionally show up on pre- '69 frames that have been assigned.

Note that by the strictest letter of the laws of the USA, it is a felony to remove any stampings anywhere. Enforcement varies, of course.

Papertrail is everything. Keep all documentation, and a record of even production numbers, as they may prove invaluable in the event of a misfortune.



New Title


Post by 1950bobber » Mon Jan 30, 2006 4:48 pm

The best cumulative advice here is to check with your State laws pertaining to titling requirements and I suggest you start with an internet search on your state's DMV web site. They should have written procedures for your needs. For instance, in my home state of Alaska, the INTERNET instructions are as follows:...there is a block on their Application for Title and Registration (block #1!) where you can add a "Secondary Serial Number" if in the case your motorcycle is now being titled with an MSO after your old registration was post-70 and titled by frame number.... but their specific instructions state "Normally found on motorhomes, motorcycles and reconstructed vehicles".... Also, in a case like you are questioning, if you are re-titling your motorcycle, let's say after replacing the cases (which is a reasonable senario after your original cases cracked or were beyond repair....Hint, Hint!!!), then Section #9 "Affidavit" would allow you to "transfer specialty plates, request special plates or OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION THAT IS OUT OF THE ORDINARY".

I might add here my skepticism at presenting myself PERSONALLY in front of a DMV Inspector and posing these questions! I have longer hair, usually some form of facial hair growth and a "confident demeanor" that I think might put me in a target group it might just be me or my paranoia but I always feel that regulations, when posed to authority figures as Inspectors, get interpreted differently for me! I prefer to research anonymously like on the internet or on the phone. Luckily for me, the DMV's in my state of Alaska recognize there are many, many remote villages so we are able to discus questions by phone and mail in Applications for Title and Registration and where physical inspection of vehicles is reserved for Special construction motorcycles ONLY!!!

Hope that helps....
Jim in Seattle "1950 Bobber"

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