Domestic sales order form (calling Perry Ruiter)

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Domestic sales order form (calling Perry Ruiter)


Post by 1950Panhead » Tue Sep 07, 2010 12:43 am

I saw the domestic sales order form you posted.
The season order forms are in "The Legend"
So the dealer completes the season order form based on the customer request and mails it to Harley.
Harley builds the bike and mails the domestic sales order back to the dealer.
Harley now has a complete set of season order forms and domestic sales order forms for all bike built until they clean house.
The dealer has a set of both forms for all bikes sold until they clean house.
Is this an accurate description?

Someone bought 50-59 at the estate auction, do we know who this is?
Have these forms appeared before on Ebay or another venue?

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Perry Ruiter
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Re: Domestic sales order form (calling Perry Ruiter)


Post by Perry Ruiter » Tue Sep 07, 2010 5:09 am

The sequence you outline with the dealer sending in a season order in to order a bike and getting a domestic order back with the bike is what I glean happened as well just from looking at the documents. I don't claim any special knowledge on dealer <-> factory interactions having never worked for a dealer.
When you say the 50-59 where bought at an estate auction I'm assuming what you're referring to here are the domestic order forms from Molenaar's dealership. I have no idea who bought them. I wasn't at the auction and I haven't seen any of them on eBay (but I must admit I haven't been following eBay as closely the last few years as I did in my younger days) ... Perry

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