Panhead case repairs (POOR EXPERIENCE) BEWARE

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Panhead case repairs (POOR EXPERIENCE) BEWARE


Post by MMP-USA LLC » Fri Sep 10, 2010 5:59 pm



Hello Guys
Just wanted to share my experience, was so hot under the collar last week when Bob called me with the bill, that I did everything including promising to show up in person and continue my disatisfied with the Job his company preformed for me.

Here is how it started.

KoolDaddy's in Austin, is rebuilding a 1956 pan Motor for us." onclick=";return false;

Johnny is the owner, and also has an established shop he uses to do case and head repairs.
When Johnny quoted his sources prices, they were about double what I was accustomed to paying.
I searched the web, as my previous source did great work, but was way to slow on the turn around.
Searching Craig's list. I found a post for a shop doing this work.
We tried them out by sending a set of Pan heads to have fins repaired, and an Exh spigot rebuild. As well as a new valve job.
Price on this repair was reasonable. and turn Around Prompt.
Johnny was not satisfied with the quality, but I considered it acceptable.
I had promised Bob 2 or 3 motors, if he did a good job on the Panheads.
Next we sent him the cases; there was a Rub trench on one case from the crush pipe.
Johnny had made an extensive list of what he wanted Bob's Motor sports to do for us.
I called bob several times, and finally his machinist took the call and informed me that he could discuss the job.

Johnny's list included items such as thread chasing the Johnny should have been responsible for, so I instructed the machinist to fix the Rub trench via welding and grinding, and check all the threads.

My POINT, Only do what is NECESSARY, Johnny could do the little stuff.

After about a week, I called and talked to Bob, ask him how the job was coming along.
Bob stated his machinist was out until the end of the week, and then they would get started.
The following week, Bob called and alerted me. That a bad case threaded hole was uncovered.
I instructed BOB to Call Johnny at Kooldaddys, and get the proper thread size for this hole, and repair it as required.
A couple days later, Bob called. work Complete.
Bill was double what he had proposed before sending his the work.
His explanation, Johnny had requested all this additional work.
I was furious, after having taken the time to call this shop, and MAKE IT CLEAR AS A BELL>

I was willing to pay for ONLY WORK that WAS ACTUALLY REQUIRED TO REPAIR CASES for motor rebuilding.


I gave Bob my CC, and advised him that he was out of line. Urged him to think about what he was going to charge me for this work.
SURE AS HELL< HE BILLED me even more than he had stated a day earlier.
Well we got the cases back.
One of the Items on Johnny's list was press out bearing races and inspect for cracks etc that may require repairs.
Well, one race had been sleeved, and the sleeve size was not correct, nor had this previous repair been done correctly.
Bob never mentioned this, NOW WE have to send to a COMPENENT and HONEST SHOP FOR REPAIRS.

BEWARE< Run form these CLOWNS. Waste of Money and Time.

Bob Hall
Bob's Motorsports
(847) 622-3900" onclick=";return false;

PS: Johnny called Bob today and ask WHY did you not repair this.

Once again, Bob's motor Sports used an excuse something like we missed that.


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Re: Panhead case repairs (POOR EXPERIENCE) BEWARE


Post by Cotten » Fri Sep 10, 2010 7:21 pm


Your story is a little confusing, so forgive us if the jury stays out of it.

Just the notion of torturing the cases with an extensive weld repair upon the "rub trench" is enough to add more worms to the can than the cases came in with. There is invariably some distortion that can affect the cate mating as well as the main's alignment, and hardly worth the grief for a spot that even the most anal AMCA judge cannot inspect.
Personally, I would have refused the whole gig at that point.

Whenever you instruct a pro to 'do only what is necessary", you must accept the consequences, as you have already over-ridden his better judgement.

"KoolDaddy" is not here to defend himself, nor "Johnny".

If you wish to post photos of the damage and problems to tackle, we would be more than happy to give our wide range of opinions as to how to solve them.

Otherwise, we have no more reason to be suspicious of this shop than any other mom'n'pop outfit. Hell, I am even very suspicious of my own evening crew.


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Re: Panhead case repairs (POOR EXPERIENCE) BEWARE


Post by Hog54 » Sat Sep 11, 2010 4:21 pm

I never heard of anybody even fixing the "rub trench".I never really seen a case without it.I thought it was supposed to be there. :D

If you fix it,the new pipes will just make a new one. :D

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