front brake sleeve nut.

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front brake sleeve nut.


Post by chuck58pan » Thu Feb 12, 2009 3:56 am

what kind of tight does the nut on the brake sleeve need? if much torque is required what can be used to hold the slotted end inside the side-cover. also in clymers(mea culppa) he states the brake stud should have a tight fit thru the bushing in the side-cover mine is way loose and the bushing looks like it would be very difficult to deal with unless it is possible to press a bushing inside the existing. when put together with the leg it seems like it would be alright. i had aheck of atime getting that brake pin stud free .including driving plastic tent pegs between the side-plate and the leg finally after reading previous post about possibleor probable rust(mksbeem i think) i used a little more force. thanks chuck

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