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Vintage brake .com


Post by oldschool » Sat May 15, 2010 2:52 pm

Now maybe somebody else has used this guy before but I just found him last year!

I found a Guy in Sonora,Cailfornia who has a shop called Vintage Brakes .com He is always busy, and can take months to do a overhaul on your Juice or Mech brake system. But its worth it! This is all he does Makes Brakes work better ! You send him your backing plate with all your parts and Drum !

:arrow: His Name is Michael " Mercury" Morse

Now all of us that ride Older Bikes with drum brakes know what a stock set up can....and cant do! I now live near and in the Colorado Rockies....and it can get interesting on the desents @ 65 mph in traffic with out dated drum brakes!

I have friends that race Old School Vintage bikes back in the Wi area! And after Mike did his Magic on the brakes systems there getting disc brake performance out of there stock looking drum brake systems

I can "chirp" my front tire @ 30 mph on my 59 FLH ! And my Rear Juice brake works better then ever!

:arrow: Look up his web it and see what he does ! I kept my brakes stock looking and now its fun to ride in the mountains! 8) Now if I only had some HorsePower! :idea:

Now Brake Bleeding Help! Ever had a friend pump your brake pedal and get fluid all over the place ?
If you have a Shop or watch Speed Channel you probebly heard of these products! Both are for bleeding and flushing Old Brake fluid fo rcar or motorcycle juice brakes !
:arrow: Motive Products
uses prussure through your master cylinder, using a cutom cap that they make to bleed the air out of your system....back through the bleeder valve

:arrow: Phoenix Systems uses a bleeder gun to pump out air in reverse....after its hooked up, you pump the gun through the bleeder screw...and all the air bubbles out of your open Master either system is not cheap Me and 2 other friends all went in together to buy one deluxe kit by Phoenix to do our bikes and our car Brake systems ! I liked this sytem better cause you can do it by yourself, and your pushing the air up to were it wants to go anyway! 8)

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Re: Vintage brake .com


Post by Panacea » Sun May 16, 2010 9:22 pm

I had vintage brakes do my front drum brake on my pan, they re-lined the shoes then arced them to fit the drum. He also turned the drum to remove the chrome,(duh) I had high hopes for big improvement but settled for marginal gains...Mike

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