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Re: Brakes


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Whats-up men?----Well I ripped the rear wheel off & went over the whole brake system., What I found was where the cam that spreads the shoes was not square to the back-plate!!. how did this happen I dont know?. So I took the whole workes chucked-it-up in a lathe,-& slowly applied heat. First I removed the bushing ofcoarse. I found a piece of coldrolled about 3& a half feet long. inserted & applied pressure to bend her back to good by eye. never letting it get to heated to weaken the metal!. Once I got it close as i said by eye--& my eyes havent been up to par/since I hit the big 50--godam where the time go?. Anyway I cooled everything off---put the bushing back-in & measured the whole deal-up.----turns-out I was .063 off from being perfectly lined-up & square. Out came the bushing--& i turned down a piece of steel to fit kinda-snug not to tight my guess is it had about .003 to .005 clearance.---Put it in, after chuckin it up again in the lathe,.This time no heat was needed for such a small bend., Got it all squared away with the rest of the plate. Put the whole works back together, seemed to work pretty-good!., Installed back on my bike, did all the proper adj. & the back brake is working like-new again!. I still would like to know how the piece for the cam got-bent, in total my guess is it was bent in the area of about 3/16!. THANKS YOU MEN for all the input---58flh

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