Intake leak problems

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Intake leak problems


Post by Guest » Tue Oct 02, 2007 11:58 pm

hey yall I think I had a damm good idea!!!!! intake problems tend to be a #1 topic for problems as well as one of the first answears given to many Q: I too have been peleged by this going thru it right now hence this post!!!! so I got to brian storming on an easy way to fix this...... here is what i can up with ( and please put me in my place, i know im missing something most of you experince guy know about!!!) so as long as the intake and heads are line up 99% (or alittle less maybe time will tell) Iv took some tri-butyalene (used to wrap high voltage cables 1st step in many till seal them from chemical/water etc)... rolled it up and and fromed it into an o-ring and smushed it into place..... then took a 2" round x 3/4"??? peice of fuel/chemical resistant 3 or 4 mil heat shrink and and shrunk it around each spigot!!!! then put a spring loaded t-bar pipe clamp around it semi loose ........ should keep the tri-butyalene snug in place, fuel where it belongs, and NO INTAKE LEAKS!!!!!!!!!! both parts are chemical resistant (to a point) and both are good on heat up 400-600f before they melt/distort/loose integrity. but is there something im missing.... my bike has been firing right up 1st kick hot or cold it hasnt done that before! any geusses on how long it will last?

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Post by Panacea » Wed Oct 03, 2007 12:21 am

How much ya got? If I had it all to do over I would make the stock plumbers fittings work rather than replaceing them with o-rings that also have sealing problems. What ever you use, put an air test on it. Mike

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Post by 54panman » Wed Oct 03, 2007 12:41 am

ya i tested it and so far its held 20psi with out a single bubble... seems to work great thus far!!! my biggest concern is the ttri-butylene i know its "fuel resistant" but to what point? ya i have extras if it seems to hold up i'll post on where to get the stuff!!! i had the tri-butylene for years and the heat shrink i get from mt neigbor he works for raychem the biggest maker of speciltiy heat shrink

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