Fired UP and blew the carb off!

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Fired UP and blew the carb off!


Post by 49er » Wed Dec 17, 2008 2:50 am

Hi everybody! tonight I cranked the engine for the first time! Im sure You all know how that feels! id been trying for a few days, the first day it backfired out the carb a lot and flooded the engine day i checked the valve adj and loosened one. then it popped flooded and blew the carb off! the 30 year old mikuni was mounted on a sawded off intake that was too short i got some tube from company that builds tankers to haul gas. 1&1/2" stuff. i think the carb is a36 mm. so then i got the muffler guy to weld a piece of pipe inside the intake but it leaked so i put JB weld around it to seal it. took carb apart ,maby i had the brass thing that pushes the needle closed upsidedown? so i cleaned and fooled around with it,tonight i put all together and it ran! but shot fire out the rear pipe a lot at first but got better i think. still popping a lot, and it wont take the gas, if you open the throttle it shuts off.they had the needle all way up but i put it about half way maby ill move it back. sorry to be so long winded! any suggestions? especally on the fire out the pipe. thanks. :D

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Re: fired UP!


Post by mbskeam » Wed Dec 17, 2008 3:57 am

its either very retarded, ign wise or runnin very rich...or both
a 38mm miki is 1-5/8ID a 36 may be on the small side but will work okay up till the higher end of the rpm's I have a 38mm that has the 4 bolt linkert mount welded to it, it was on my 74"
but was to small for my 88". pm if ya want it...real cheap


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