Bendix carb and S&S manifold

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Bendix carb and S&S manifold


Post by 03Roadking » Sun Apr 24, 2005 8:45 pm

I still need a little help with this Zenith Bendix Carb (62 Pan) I did a pressure test of the manifold and found this guy put (I think they are referred to as rubberbands) rubber over the manifold and heads with a clamp holding them in place without any O-rings I installed new O-rings put the rubber bands over them and then the clamp. I snuged them down and then realigned the carb support to the manifold then tightened the clamps. I pressure tested them @ 15psi for 10 min.'s I could not see any leaks Is this the right set up??? I rebuilt the Carb as Billy suggested because of a leak. After trying to start the bike for an hour I came back to this site to read everything that had to do with carbs (took 3 hours) I have found that I am missing the manifold spacer or insulator as some of you call them. After reading it is my guess this would only cause problems after the bike has run for a while. But what I did notice is the gasket between the manifold and the carb has two elongated holes cut in it at the top and bottom I noticed that the carb also has two holes in it the one at the bottom goes no where but the one at the top aligns with air adjustment, there is no hole in the S&S manifold to allow this to go any where is this a problem or does the insulator have the passage way that it needs???? I have ordered the insulator but have not seen it yet any and all help is appreciated

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Re: Bendix carb and S&S manifold


Post by Billy » Mon Apr 25, 2005 6:34 am


You Missed adding a few drops of liquid dishsoap to water, mixing it up & brushing it "All" over the intake
connections, while pressurized @ 15 psi. You will see bubbles at a leak. w/out this the test would only p/up the BAD leaks that you could hear.
Suggest re-test.........
This info is all provided in Cotten's link I posted to you,

You should only be using the O-rings. But Your decision.

PS: put a Good "Straight-Edge"across your carb mounting face & intake face,to check them for being straight & not any hi-spots. Any irregularities need to
be corrected to make a perfect gasket surface seal.
as u wait for your phenolic (insulator) spacer..

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Re: Bendix carb and S&S manifold


Post by 03Roadking » Mon Apr 25, 2005 4:28 pm

Thanks Billy
I did follow cottens procedure but when I was typing it
I left that part out I had a spray bottle with dish soap after 10 min.'s that side of the bike is really clean now. I am using the OEM stainless clamps with the rubber sleeve.
I checked the face of the manifold and the carb both look very true and flat.
I am still wondering about the gasket and carb question I went over to the parts shop to pickup a couple more gaskets when the guy brought them out they did not have the elongated holes I asked if he was sure if these were right and we went thru the book trying to cross reference and it kept pointing to the gasket without the holes So am I looking for trouble?

Well, all the parts came in today it looks like I will be trying to fire this one up tomorrow morning I have checked the timing, pressure tested the manifold, put in a new set of plugs and the spacer for the carb which did not have a hole to match the carb so I am guessing that it is not needed???. I have read everyone's starting procedures and plan on reading the plugs every 5 kicks (if needed) with any luck there will be another panhead on the highway by tomorrow afternoon or another hyper extended knee at the emergency room.

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