Carb and manifold gasket #'s

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Carb and manifold gasket #'s


Post by kaptekarev » Tue Feb 28, 2006 8:13 pm

At the suggestion of 03RaodKinglet let me try to ask you guys for some part numbers. This is for a 1961 FLH Panhead, with original Linkert, and original manifold. For fear of air leaks, I would like to replace the gaskets between the carb, and manifold, Linkert bowl gasket, Linkert bowl nut copper washer, and Orings between manifold and cylinders.

So far I've gotten the following #'s from the V-twin catalog. I'm not sure If need to replace the carb spacer and can't find the number for the manifold/cylinder oring.

2x Manifold/Cylinder O-ring - ??????Couldn't find
2x? Carb/Manifold Gasket- 27411-40(OEM) - 15-0145(VT)
1x Bowl Gasket 27391-36(OEM) - 15-0304(VT)
1x Nut Gasket 27376-28(OEM) - 15-0232(VT)
1x Carb/Manifold spacer 27412-48 - 15-0262 (don't know if I need this)

Can you folks be so kind as to make sure I have all the parts I need and that the numbers are correct. Also, is V-Twin a good place to order? Should I be dealing directly with Tedd? How do I get in touch with him?


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Re: Carb and manifold gasket #'s


Post by panache » Wed Mar 01, 2006 7:21 am


when I rebuilt my Linkert, I ordered most of my parts from NOSPARTS.COM If you go to their website, you can download the PDF Catalog for Panheads. They'll have most all of the parts you listed in that catalog. Many of the parts are NOS Harley -- though some are reproduction. Their catalog indicates if a part is NOS or repro and if it's repro whether or not it's US made. They've got great prices.

If you're going to be replacing the bowl gasket -- you really should replace the float with one of Cotton's durable foam floats (just send Cotton an email for info). I've got one in my Linkert. I also replaced the float valve and seat -- these should be changed as a set. Carefully inspect the seat if you do, as many aren't well finished. I lightly polished the sealing surface on mine using jeweler's rouge on a Q-tip with a Dremel. This made for a positively airtight seal and smoother float valve movement.

If you've got the carb off -- you should lightly dress the manifold and mating carb surface on a surface plate using 400 or 600 grit paper. Many times, the carb surface has some high spots which can prevent the gaskets from sealing. This will also make sure that these surfaces are flat. In a pinch you can use a thick plate of glass as a surface plate. The carb spacer you mentioned is a thermal insulator. If it's flat and in good shape you can reuse it.

The NOSPARTS catalog also references parts by the OEM Harley part numbers -- but you'll easily be able to find all of the parts you need by just looking at the pictures/diagrams.

If you've got an original float bowl -- you may find when you take it off that it's corroded and pitted inside. Sometimes, so much so that you won't want to reuse it. NOSPARTS may not have float bowls, but" onclick=";return false; does. They have a sort of rebuild set for an OHV Linkert carb, their number is KDR1310A. Their web page is a bit hard to find stuff on, but when you find it -- if you look at the picture of this rebuild set (click on the camera icon), it has the bowl, the bowl nut, bowl nut gasket, bowl drain screw, float valve, float valve seat and float valve pin/screw and one of those brass floats with a float lever. charges only $10 more than AAOK.COM does for just the bowl. So, for $10 -- most of the parts are well worth it. I'd still get Cotton's durable float though. No way I'd use a brass float. The balance of the parts I'd still order from NOSPARTS.COM.

Hopefully your float will be in good shape -- in which case the stuff from NOSPARTS.COM and Cotton's float will have your Linkert working sweet. You should check other parts of the Linkert while you've got the bowl off -- stuff like idle passage plugs and the fixed jets (AAOK.COM has the fixed jets if yours looks mangled or drilled out). A lot of the previous postings and comments by Cotton are invaluable when rebuilding a Linkert, tuning a Linkert and checking the intake for vacuum leaks (pressure testing).

Have fun wrenching on your Pan -- and stay away from any open flames! Gas is sure to spill out.


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