Again pinging!

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Again pinging!


Post by ciciomero » Mon Apr 20, 2009 10:46 am

Only you can help me. :roll:

I've got a 96 inches pan. I don't know the compression rate I don't know the cams.
I've a lot problems with pinging, I'm becoming mad.
I put a Mallory electronic ignition, but nothing!

I'm not be able to enrich the mixture air+fuel at low, she's ever lean!

I'm beginning to think that the reason is the cams!

The question is:
For to have no pinging which cams do you advice me?
I'm not interested in a great power! I want a cams for street! cams that does't give problems of pinging.
I know that you have a few info! But try to give me some info for a better choice!

Any help is appreciated! Thanks you very mutch!

:oops: sorry my terrible English! :oops:

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