Repairing O-Ring style intake nipples?

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Repairing O-Ring style intake nipples?


Post by BastardBoy »

Hi All,

I got a new CV carburetor and manifold for my 1952 Pan. I wasn't sure if the intake nipples in the bike where the plumber style or the O-ring style that came out in 1956 (I think?)? Because the engine was rebuild in 2000 by the previous owner. When I pulled the manifold I was happy to see they where the O-ring type. But then I noticed that the inner O-ring seat diameter of each nipple had about a 3/8 long chunk out of it. At first I thought, no problem, just screw a couple new nipples in, but the nipples are not replaceable? It must be an aftermarket head? Now I have to repair them and am looking for some advice.

I’m thinking JB weld, but I’m concerned if it doesn’t hold I’ll be sucking pieces of JB weld into the engine:-(. So I’m thinking maybe machining a thin wall bushing with just enough of a lip to keep it from slipping through the nipple, pushing one into each nipple and the using JB weld to rebuild the O-ring Seat area.

Has anyone here run into this kind of a situation before? How did you fix it? I will look at replacing the head this winter but I :?: just what to get her on the road now.


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Re: Repairing O-Ring style intake nipples?


Post by steinauge »

2 options that I am aware of,1-pull the heads and get the broken area fixed-welded and machined.Thats the right way.2-buy a set of the plastic adaptors from V-Twin and glue them onto the heads.This allows you to run the -78 style rubber band rather than the O ring,you just have to run the late style intake clamp too.This is NOT a repair its a patch but may do for a while.The thin wall sleeve doesnt sound bad-never thought of trying that.

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Re: Repairing O-Ring style intake nipples?


Post by Hauula Pan »

It was and is a common change to switch from plumber to o-ring on the heads. Yours are probably not after-market heads but just ones that had the conversion done. Depending on who did the conversion the spigots may or may not be removable. Some were done with a bolt or screw holding them in place and others were welded in. If yours are not removable you'll need to pull the heads and have them repaired. DO NOT use JB-Weld or any other type of goop, you will regret it! You can try running the wide rubber bands for a while. Where your o-rings sit down in the stepped down part, the wide bands go across the entire surface. Sometimes they work other times not so well. Intake leaks were and are still one of the problems we deal with, and can be a real P.I.T.A. and cause all kinds of headaches. Try the wide rubber bands for a temp. fix and then take the heads off & have them properly repaired as soon as possible.

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Re: Repairing O-Ring style intake nipples?


Post by 62wild1 »

You can try he has a great site and does excellent work on head repair among other things.

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Re: Repairing O-Ring style intake nipples?


Post by steve_wood »

Just be aware that HeadHog has a backlog and he might not get to your stuff for 9 months or so....

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Re: Repairing O-Ring style intake nipples?


Post by lockdoc »

Flo Headworks is another great place to have your heads done.

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