Another Carb Question

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Another Carb Question


Post by Wreckman »

I am working on my 56 Pan. It has a Bendix carb on it. Should I keep it or get something else? Was thinking about the S&S and it doesn't see like there are many good things posted about them.

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Re: Another Carb Question


Post by jdpan »

If the Bendix is working for ya, why not keep it? I had one and it totally sucked so I went back to the Linkert and I'm pretty sure thats where I'm gonna stay.

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Re: Another Carb Question


Post by panbagger »

I understand a lot of people want correct parts for there bikes with that being said, I have had an S&S super E on my bike since I built it and never had to do anything to it since the first time it was tuned. I have had that carb on it for almost 10 years. Scott

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Re: Another Carb Question


Post by kitabel »

A carburetor is not a fashion statement.

Panhead Ed
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Re: Another Carb Question


Post by Panhead Ed »

The S&S super E is a great carb ! even though alot of post claim to have starting issues I have installed many to the delite of there owners and all who are religeous kickers have NO problem... recommend S & S highlly ....... Ed

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Re: Another Carb Question


Post by Cotten »


The Bendix is a good carb.

Face it,
There are no 'bad' makes of carburetors,... only over-engineered ones.

Just my humble opinion,


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Re: Another Carb Question


Post by JR JOHNSON »

hi,keep the bendix/but buy there rebuilt kit, don't buy aftermarket shit kit.
Kitabel,you are rite,people see a fancy carb ,and buy it because of name.the only carb i dislike,took off, took a hammer to it was a tilloson,carb from hell ,made for chainsaws carb.likes to start fire carb,you get my drift carb.....with respect.....JR

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Re: Another Carb Question


Post by 61FLHPan »

If run good with the bendix keep it on i been running a bendix on my 73flh for for 25years it stock there good carb except for a couple little flate spot I run a linkert on my pan

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Re: Another Carb Question


Post by Wreckman »

Maybe I'll save the 500 bucks and run the Bendix for now. There is a long list of other stuff that I need. I love stuffing money in my Pan.

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