1954 Tank Emblems?

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1954 Tank Emblems?


Post by Michael_Germany_1956 » Wed Jan 17, 2007 1:24 am

I have the original tanks for my 1954FL, the Emblems are polished, and manufactured in Stainless Steel.

Tank-Emblems in Stainless Steel, is this correct for a 1954FL ?

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P.S. The Linkert Air Cleaner Cover is also Stainless Steel, it is the Bayonet-Type Cover.

What other Parts were made of Stainless Steel for the 1954s Models, the Palmer Book gives only basic Information...?

So far, I have...:

Fender Trim / Front Fender
Tank Emblems
Air Cleaner Cover
Rocker Covers (2)

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